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Lessons Learned: IEDs

"Be aware, the PIRA (Provisional Irish Republic Army), FARC (the Columbian drug/leftist terrorists), and Chechens are many of the primary "expert" trainers for the AIF, and have been caught both in Iraq and neighboring countries teaching organization and tactical skills. "

Eh? Whats that about? There were a bunch of Sinn Fein activists in Columbia who were charged with training FARC, but the civillian judges threw out the charges when the military presented no evidence. So the military locked them up anyway- they were sentenced for travelling on false passports, though.

If _ANY_ P-IRA were found in mid-east, surely it would have been reported to authorities in the north as further evidence that the 'RA were up to no good?

As for FARC- they've enough problems of their own, and their opererating conditions and tactics are less than useful in Iraq. Added to the fact that they'd stand out even to jarheads. (IMHO)

And Chechen's? He'll have the Mafia and the UVF listed there soon!

Maybe he meant that extremist muslin groups all over the world are sending trainers and men, so the opposition is comparable if not greater than the organisation listed.
Good article, if anyone requires further info and training for IED related stuff, post in the AT threads in the RLC Board or PM one of the obvious Ammo Techs.

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