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mwl946 said:
joeyboy said:
Does anybody know where i can find skill at arms lesson plans on the internet, for free?
Depends which weapon you re looking at, I may be able to help, either shout back or PM me
Just consider what that word at the top of the pages on the PAM and who you may be giving that info to!
If your a Skill At Arms Instructor then you should have all the lessons in the form PAM's for each weapon system, which you could easily make lesson plans from.

If your not a SAA Inst, i wouldn't worry about lesson plans too much as you dont use them on your course. Dont get me wrong you do make them, you just hand them right to your SSI and do the lesson from the top of your head.

If you not a SAA Inst or going on a SAA cousre then you have no need for SAA Lesson Plans as they are individual to each person that makes them. This is because that person writes down the pertinant points that they must remember / may forget / safety points for future use.

I cant say i have ever used a Lesson Plan when i have taught weapon systems in my unit. However i do make them so i can refer to them before or in between lessons. I always have a copy of the relivant PAM's with me when i teach also. (just incase someone thinks they know more than me).
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