lesson plans

Has anyone got any lesson plans that they can send me or presentations on any subject.  I have a few that i will share  ;D
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I think that anyone who is reading this is too bloody close to the computer

But on a serious note if you are reading this the army is a bloody big organisation so get the word spread about this excellent site.  

And most importantly lets have some teamwork which is what the army is all about.  If you go on a course whether it be a JNCO cadre to an EFP 2 do us all a favour and send in the material you used on the course  8) :eek: :( :D ;) ;)to this site.  

Lets help each other out and make this army a better place!  After all theirs no I in Team!! :( :( :( :( :eek:
On a similar vein I am looking for Line art or clip art of a military nature to add to powerpoint presentations. Is there anybody out there that knows of decent sites I can get some please
1. chatbox = arrselicker
2. lesson plans make your own you lazy twat  ppppppp
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