Lesson Plans Jnr/Snr Brecon Training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by geordiejackox1x, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. Alright Folks

    Take off due to the lack of brain cells and if it matters 14 years regular infantry service just to shut you muppets up

    Keep ya heads down
  2. Is this a Wahh??
  3. You ever hear of RESTRICTED you fcuking mong! Good one you fcuking bellend, sell off British tactics one the internet!
  4. Well done thanks for letting us know
    Now wait for the knock on the door you plank! Thats if they knock of course and don't just bash your door! Never heard of the official secrets act then I do hope you never signed it or you will definately be in the brown stuff.

    Good idea to make a buck or two 10 / 10 for showing enterprising spirit, however bad idea to tell everyne though inc the MOD, Police et al guess that it never occurred to you were breaking the law :) Most of the documents you mention on the site are marked RESTRICTED in military circles for a reason.

    Good luck dear boy you are going to need it


    P.S Oh and don't think they are not watching because I know they do ;-)
  5. Piss take obviously :roll:
  6. Gents

    take a look this i have signed the secrets act it is every day kowledge how to shot a rifle AND I KNOW is RESTRICTED isn't everything. Sell off British tactics, do you not think they know nkob :twisted:
    plant life how long you been in tossre?


    more to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Restricted isn't everything? Why do you think it is restricted in the first place? Because it is information that is of use to the enemy. In case you hadn't realised we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. 14 years in the infantry? What unit, the waltenkommando? At least you've had the sense to take the damn things off e-bay. Perhaps you've thought about the consequences. I'm sure selling restricted information on the internet would get at least CO orders, maybe even district courts martial. You should be busted to mess waiter in the womens auxillary balloon corps for such blatent stupidity. If I'm a tosser at least I'm a tosser with an ounce of common sense.
  8. No he hasn't! http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZfoggy69beer

    If you look at his feedback, you can see that he's bought the stuff himself, (at least his lesson plan CD) and is selling copies of it.
  9. If you check the telephone book there is only one M Jackson in Cramlingon! :omfg:
  10. it will take ebay time to take these off but just to mention that all the information is readily available on the internet. I have seen TAM's, other training manuals, training posters etc up for sale on ebay.

    I know we are fighting in Afgan, Iraq but we are training them as well it is a known fact the the British army trained key members of the IRA/UDR back when there was trouble there.
  11. Saying two wrongs don't make a right mean anything to you? selling any current military issue manuals is a definate no no - strictly speaking any squaddie flogging issue kit is in the shite too, just for the record!

    Good call and a smart move to remove - that might just save your arrse

    Good luck mate I sense the net is closing

  12. I tell u what...some ppl r more stupid than i could ever imagine.....bet he's a civvy who found the stuff while walking his dog (or pet lizard)on salisbury plain!!!