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Just been tasked with a doing a Pairs Fire and manoveour Lesson.

Unfortunately our unit does not have any of the correct PAMs, yes I could put a lesson together off the cuf so to speak but as it has been a long time I would like to do it word for word from the PAM so when someone says "you dont do it like that " or "we were told to shout this" I can ensure I have taught the correct up to date terminology etc.

I have checked the download area but unfortuantely that the lesson plan is not there, could anyone PM a Lesson plan or copies of the relevant pages from the pam.

Many Thanks for any assistance.
The lessons are in the fieldcraft pam, Lesson 25. — Operating as a Member of a Fire Team. Also look at Lesson 15. — Individual Fire and Movement (F&M) as the skills & drills are as per Ind F & M but 2 bods moving and 2 firing.
download area got culled a while back as it was too great a security risk and not used enough. Or something like that. Depends what you're after, someone may be able to help you.
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