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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Trojan700, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. Anyone got a lesson plan on hard disk I can have? :?
    And Yes!, I have been to the T-Wing he has none... :lol:

    email: td2479@derbysandtrooper.com
  2. A lesson Plan on what subject? Taught in what style?
  3. WOW! that was quick.
    I need it for all lessons [SAA, DRILL, BFC, ect:ect:] and as to what style, I did'nt know there was a style. But what you got it better than mine, which is nada...
  4. Go on a DITs course and you will learn all about it. If you have to ask you obviously have not done the relevant instructor course and therefore should not be teaching it!
  5. I did my SAA in Brecon 9 years ago since then I have never needed a plan until now, so OBVIOUSLY I do need to ask as it's been that long, Now as a redcap I am assuming you are RMP so maybe in your regiment you are not trusted to do a lesson unless you hand in your lesson plan homework, unlike I who did'nt need a lesson plan until I joined the TA...
    So if you have one can I have it? if not, keep you monkey out of it........
  6. Simo check your PM's i've sent you a few examples
  7. touchy!
  8. I have to agree with RMP type bloke here, your original post came out like "i feel like teaching some subjects that i shouldnt be really teaching but will make me look good in unit"!!!!
    It wasnt until you explained why you need them that i understood. So i agreed with RMP that if you had been on a DIT course you wouldnt need a lesson plan as you would make it up yourself etc