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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Boxy, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. I'm looking for a lesson plan for occupation of a Harbour & Harbour Drills

    Failing that point in the right direction as to where to find them.

    Oh Inf oriented, not armour.

  2. I've seen powerpoints for this with the brecon logo on them,in fact they say "Infantry Battle School" at the bottom. Theses where presented as a handout after a dits lesson by a lad from the Yorkshire regiment, dont suppose thats any help really
  3. Am sure someone will be able to supply them, if not I would try Brecon, or Warminster. Bet Msr will know.
  4. I think it was PAM 3 that went through all that stuff, I have PowerPoints on just about all this malarky but could be quite old as I left 3 years ago, I was at Brecon in 2002 and lads on the course compiled discs of weapons lessons and fieldcraft/BLs, if you PM me I will send you a disc but it will have to go to a camp address as in a barracks.
  5. pm inbound, thanks I had a quick scan of Pam 3 and couldnt see it prob looking in wrong place!
  6. Its on page 5-20 to page 5-29 the pam 3 I have is from 1999
  7. i have the complete powerpoint version of selection and occupation. However it is on my dii so will pm you on mon with it if still required?
  8. Yeah it is thanks, I'll take all information from all sources, even from Pam3! (Ifound it) to make my lesson Plan.
  9. No Probs I will send you the lesson mon morn. i only have the powerpoint though and not the lesson plan. Goes through selection, occupation and types of harbours etc.