Lesson Plan Format Question

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by rustygun, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I need to present a lesson on something (not army-related).

    Can anyone give me a quick soldier's five on how to structure a theory lesson, the army way?

    It doesn't need to be that way but I have nothing else to go on and having been subjected to a few back in my day, I figured I'd go with something I used to be familiar with.

    In a similar way to the SMEAC format, is there a basic formula for conducting a lesson on a given subject?
  2. Rustygun,

    without access to my pams here's a quick guide as per Methods of Instruction - I know the new thing is BIT but this always worked for me.


    Prelims, role call, safety etc

    Aim, incentive, reason why - in any order that's logical

    one example:

    In order to ................ you must have a sound knowledge of the six .............., today I'm going to teach you the six ...... so that by the end of this lesson you can state the six ................ The ability to apply these six ........... might one day save you or your comrade's life.

    So the aim of today's lesson is:

    To teach you the six .................. so that by the end of this lesson you'll be able to state the six ................


    Broken down into bite size chunks (stages) that are in a logical sequence.

    Any questions so far?

    Ask questions (stage confirmation) test 50% of what you've taught so far.

    Repeat stages until you've got it all across.


    Look over your notes.

    Any questions on the whole of the lesson?

    Notes away - Test (100% of aim).

    Mark - feedback


    Look forward

    Do one

    Hope this helps

  3. Yeah that's pretty much the sort of thing I was looking for, thanks very much. I shall now dazzle them with my bs. Well done!