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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by aeh39, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Anyone got a tick sheet for observing lessons - particularly focussing on military way of delivering a lesson...
    eg "does the instructor promote and maintain the desire to learn?"
    NSPs done at start
    Clear EDIP
    Look forward at end.

    If so can you zap me a copy...
    I know I've seen one in the past but now can't find a copy anywhere..

    Many Thanks
  2. If you go on your DTTT course they'll give you blank assessment sheet, so I have been informed as I've avoided it so far.
  3. Hi

    The forms are readily available if you contact any establishment where they teach Defence Instructional Techniques (DITs).

    What used to be beginning, middle and end have been (since BITs became DITS and tri-service) Introduction, Development and Consolidation.

    Introduction = Interest, Need, Title, Range (aka prelims) & Objective.

    Development = Theory Lesson Stages still OK
    = EDIP (aka Skills lesson) Explanation; Demonstration; Imitation; Practice (50% of the Devel stage)

    Consolidation = Summary; Restate Obj; Test; Any Qs?; Link;Reference

    There are now four ways we recognise as delivering instruction. (1) The Theory (Facts) Lesson; The EDIP (Skills) Lesson; The Technical Skills Lesson; and Briefing Mentoring Debriefing (BMD).

    Good Luck!