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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. Scientific Proof from New Scientist -though, I would have thought this was obvious to most.

    " If you really must offend someone, wait until they are lying down. People handle anger differently when they're lying on their backs, compared to sitting upright."
    " University students who heard insults while seated exhibited brain activity linked to so-called 'approach motivation' - the desire to approach and explore something. This potential urge disappeared when students took their insults lying down, despite their anger remaining. - in the upright or leaning forward state one might be more likely to attack...maybe in the reclining position you're more likely to brood."
    MRI's performed on students lying on their backs suggested that they could miss the neural signals of certain emotions."

    So, simply put.. to insult anyone, and students in particular , it is best to knock them to the floor or thump them soundly to the dirt, before verbally abusing them....

    Hit first, yell later... works for me...
  2. I know what you mean


    and NO it ain't me
  3. It's bollocks.

    Look at the evidence:
    Lying down.
    They just couldn't be arrsed getting up, the lazy fcukers. They can't be relied upon to give a true response to any stimulus.

    Except maybe threatening to promote the Armed Forces on campus, that'd get them off their arrses.
  4. I find this helps with quieting the kids down too..............."one more word - JUST ONE - I dare ya ?"

  5. Eh, have all your kids got pointy ears, big eyes and facial hair?
  7. I can think of better experiments to conduct involving students lying down.