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Discussion in 'REME' started by Trollox, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. I have just recived the DEME (A) lessons Newsletter, and had to have a little chuckle to myself.
    so a few lessons the news letter needs to learn.

    1, Do not use a picture which totaly goes against EH!! :pl: tools and COSHH all over the place. just to start with.

    2, Hot de-brief , Main ES Back Briefs ect ect. has no one realised that we are crap at passing infomation on. i have been in the army for 20 years and its still a game of guess whats going on today?? let alone a future op. looks like make up some jobs quick for officers and WO's fast! before SDR hits.

    3, The BDR paragraph just made me laugh. obviously written by someone who has no concept of what actualy goes on, on todays shopfloor. BDR is actual broken into 3 areas which covers all repairs, so maybe the scribe should attened a BDR course to actualy understand BDR.
    Also how can we train and implement BDR when the policey written is total sh1t. no AESP is currently available on BDR and the rules attached to it. so how can we instruct and push BDR when no real direction is given.

    now i expect some post saying why havent you contacted DEME(A) with my concerns, to be honest my priority is making sure my guys can fix and maintain all equipment for upcoming OP, not to give some guy in DEME(A) a leg up in his BDR policey.

    all i can say is with current defence cuts the waste of paper to print these newsletters could be better spent better.

    thx T

    P.S you will have to excuse any spelling mistakes i havent done a 18 month course to learn how to use font 4 :nod:
  2. Saw it on the wall today while having a lag. I think its a good idea but if its going to work the blokes in arborfield need to spend some money to change things and people need to know that what is being reported is actually being looked at. We never pass good stuff officially but have to rely on guys passing useful info during RIPs and the like.
    Have to say on the BDR thing that the younger blokes are crap at it. I have done the BDR cse and thought it was good, but as usual not enough of the kit about to do what we want when we want to. We need more hose repair kits, wiring loom repair kits etc.
    Maybe i'm mince but would you mind refreshing me on what the 3 areas of BDR are?
  3. Trollox - Been where you are and agree that things are far too busy to be fun, however if people don't suggest change things will never improve.
    Not fussed if you want to carry on without trying to change the system. The system is bigger than any of us and takes ages to change, but if we don't start somewhere nothing changes.

    Standing by for a torrent of abuse.
  4. You are a serious ******* mong. The only reason yer wife was never fucked brainless at the last LAD function is she is so ******* disfigured.
    Is that the sort of abuse youwere anticipating?
  5. A_Mech

    The 3 levels of BDR are without all the BS

    1, A repair which meets all legal requirements and will not need to be replaced at a later date, and also meets the relevant inspection standards. (repair by replacement)

    2, A improvised repair, considered only temporary in nature allowing the equipment to complete the immediate mission or task. however the repair meets limited legal and safety requirements. (Repair by repair, i.e the old repair kits we use to be able to demand for brake valves, pipe repair kits, e-metal ect)

    3, A improvised non conventional repair carried out rapidly in a combat enviroment to get the equipment back in the users hands and complete the mission ASAP but does not meet any legal/safety requirments. the good old fashioned bodge!!

    however the problem is in the policey, the word "legal" is splattered all over it and the social enviroment of "where there blame theres a claim" culture we live in . so if something goes wrong and there is a injury with a lvl 3 repair and the way the current policey is writen. it will be the poor commander on the ground who is in the dock. Because its his decision not the MoD's to repair the equipment to a lvl 3 standard. well that is my understanding of the confusing jargon currently used !

    so would you want to promote BDR or as it is actual know "Expediant Repair" when legal action could follow?

    Have Fun T
  6. Trollox Agreed that the current BDR policy is well out of date and not fit for task. I know this sounds like a load of crap, but someone was tasked to update the policy and to make it realistic before xmas. Not sure where they have got with it, but hopefully you will see something shortly.
  7. Dr ex

    its funny because its all over DEME A newsletter so in theory from the big man himself. but if we dont have a policey how are suppose to implement it? and because someone is spouting about it in his news letter just seems to me they maybe need to actualy research a little before hand.
    I know that if i published something like that, from the top down they would be checking all my resources and if i couldnt back it up my ASM would jump all over my arrse.
    just wondering whos red pening the newsletter ?? maybe employ a good old artisan who actualy knows whats going on and has never lost touch with the shopfloor and it would also give us another SSgt post!!