Lesser-Evilism Grips Britain

From counterpunch

"Tony Blair," he told me, "has displayed a monumental indifference to the will of his people."
In Blackburn, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw is being taken on by one of his erstwhile emissaries. Craig Murray had been Britain's ambassador to Uzbekistan. Appalled by the torture that took place in that country, with the imprimatur of US ally Islam Karimov, he spoke out against the regime and was subsequently nobbled by Jack Straw and his Foreign Office. He has now decided to requite his former boss' affection.
A good read
I suppose I wouldn't be as shocked by the "lesser-evilism" (great term by the way!) shown by Neue Arbeit, if they hadn't arrived at the Palace of Westminster mounted on gleaming white steeds and brandishing swords of truth.

It now appears that their might steeds were actually bicycles with sheets over them and the swords of truth were in fact cudgels of opportunism, available in Argos for £12-99. Never has a nation been so sucker-punched since JFK asked "ask not what your country can do for you but rather ask what you can do for your country".

Well if we are all happy not to rock the boat, then presumably El Ton and his junta will be rstored to monolithic power. If we are all happy...
As calamities continue to befall the Iraqi people "he keeps going," in the words of playwright Harold Pinter, "with that lovely Christian smile on his face", resolute in the conviction that he will be famed in annals; that history will one day gaze back at him adoringly.
Sound familiar? :D
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