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Less than flattering Regimental Nicknames

Have all current (and former) Army Regiments and Corps had 'Less than Flattering nicknames?

And if so what are the meanings behind them??

The ones I'm familiar with are;

RMP - Monkeys

RAOC- Blanket Stackers/Rag and Oil Company

ACC - Slop Jockeys/Army Cement Company

RCT - Trogs/Rickshaws,Cabs and Taxis

Pioneer Corps - Chunkys

Any more?
RASC - Run Away, Someone's Comming
RAOC - Rag And Oil Company
WRAC - Weekly Ration of Army Cnut
RA - 9 mile snipers/dropshorts
RGJ - Black Mafia
QOH - Queers On Horseback
RTR - Chav Cav/People's Cav
16/5L - 16th Syph
17/21L - Boneheads
13/18H - 'Ernnies' (it's a white topped peak cap like a milkman thing!
ScottsDG - Scots Grots
4/7DG - Smell on wheels!
Any Guards Regt - Wooden Tops
I have no real grounds for defence on that one. after looking at all the washed up drivers at leyland bks though, id have to agree with the first statement

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