Less Nails or more Canny?

Less nails or more Canny?

  • Never! We can still show the sprogs how to do it. - though possibly a little slower.

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  • Deffo, and my best friend is the sofa.

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  • Bit of both really.

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On Monday we had the heaviest snowfall round here since 1986, total whiteout and half the bloody province without electricity.
Anyway at lunchtime it's falling nicely with a few inches on the deck and it's my run day. So at lunchtime I duly kit up, trog out of the building, start jogging and get about 100m when I realise that the wind is just not going to make this enjoyable at all. I then trot back, grab my small pack and run up to the gym where I spent a decent sweaty session on the exercise bike before running home.

Now I have run in everything, snow, thunderstorms, 40ºC, the lot but now in my early fifties I just wondered do we get less nails or do we better realise how to train in optimum conditions given the circumstances rather than just running off into the ooloo?

Your opinions on this musing would be appreciated.
Having checked that this isn't the NAAFI...

Just because you can do something doesn't make it fun or a good idea.
Knee deep snow, a semi blizzard and gale force wind in to the face and you decided not to go for a run.

Congratulations you have finally matured :)
Steven said:
Knee deep snow, a semi blizzard and gale force wind in to the face and you decided not to go for a run.

Congratulations you have finally matured :)
The missus will be delighted to hear that.
Perhaps we should rename the forum, "Old 'n' sensible"

I think as you get to your fifties (nearly there) you have a lot less to prove to yourself. Also your knees tend to be giving out so running in snow and strong winds should definitely be left to the twenty year old, testosterone-fueled thrusters.

Well done for going to the gym, though. I'd have gone home made a cup of tea and trawled through ARRSE instead.


I concur Dubb :D
I'd have looked out the window seen the snow and though fcuking brilliant I can stop in and waste the afternoon doing fcuk all, and no one will think ill of me :D
I get enough exercise going up and down the stairs never mind actually choosing to go out and paying for the privilege of breaking sweat :)
Bollox to that let the youngsters do it, I want to put me slippers on grab myself a nice hot cuppa and a box of Jaffa cakes, stick Dickinsons real deals on so I can shout abuse at the fcuker, and let the world carry on around me :D
Slip and fall in the snow, and you won't be running for three weeks. Act like a girly poof and stay indoors, and you'll still be fit next month. Easy.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
johnboyzzz said:
At your age you should be taking it easy. Either that or take up a relaxing sport like dominoes.
Or crib.

Though please do watch out for matchstick related injuries.

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