Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by FredWest, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. Just thought I'd share this one, whilst I recover from last night. Went to a well known Bar in Batley (yawn). Couple of beers with a few friends (one of which is a Lesbian) They had a Freddy Mercury Tribute guy on, the man looked and sounded more like Borat!!!

    Anyway, back on Tack, I realised that the Lesbian's not that bod looking, for a 43 year old, (i'm 34), and I found myself saying, "You know what Deb's, if you weren't a Lesbian, I'd kick your back doors in", instead of getting the slap that I was expecting, the response I got, was "if I wasn't a Lesbian, I'd let you!!!", so there was young Fred, all night trying to convince her, that little Fred's a lot warmer than a Rampant Rabbit, and sticking my tongue out at her and proclaiming how pointy it was!!! Didn't work though!!!!

    Back to sleep now boys and girls.
  2. Fcuk! I thought that story was going to have a happy ending.
  3. better luck next time!

    i've been telling a friend of mine to give me a blowjob day in day out now, she just doesn't realise that i'm serious, it's so frustrating! :roll:
  4. She's not being entirely honest with you mate, she's not really a jouster, its just that you have a face like a melted welly and she doesnt want to hurt your feelings.
    Slip her a micky and you'll be in like Flynn!
  5. Instead of her Kebab, I ended up with a chicken one!!!

    I'm gonna keep on trying, wear her down, eventually!!!

    And she'd been bloody gyrating all over me all bloody night, mind you she didn't complain, when I unzipped her top in the middle of the bar, she had a glass in each hand, powerless to stop me!!!
  6. Could you not rope another woman to do the work for you then have instant threesome?
  7. Good skills sir!
  8. Now there's a thought!!
  9. I took some photo's could have a poll, "Would you do the dyke?"

    Post them on Monday!!
  10. Rope. Two women. Mmmmmm