Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thecoops, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. I'd just like to say that I think that the young lesers in corrie are great I cant say this to the Mrs of course so I had to share it with you
  2. I am a lesbian, trapped in a man's body...

  3. How hen pecked are you, actually admitting to watching that shit
  4. The list of wannabe's lesbians on arrse is endless,

    besides it's hardly unexpected with meridian's & co's contribution to arrse :)
  5. It all depends on whether they are fit lezzers who occassionally swing the other way in which case exceptions can be made, if they look like Millie Tant and are into wimmen rights, then yes they are an abomination.
  6. Sapphic Erotica

    Worth every fucking penny of the subscription......every penny
  7. TEENAGED LESSERS also I have 1 telly so I have no choce if I want to whach my stuff
  8. Be a man and take control of the remote. It is your right as a man!!
  9. Don't you have a radical conscience?
  10. I rather enjoyed my holiday on the island of Lesbos, don't know what the people there were talking about, it was all Greek to me, but all the Lesbians I met were very friendly people. I can recommend Lesbos and the Lesbians. Do the Lesbians in Corrie speak in English or Greek?
  11. You crack on mate

  12. Can I buy one of those mate?
  13. Yes of course i'll send you my bank details.
  14. She is freaking hot!!!!

    Get the girl a glass of cold water.
  15. Me too... wierd or what?... :)