Lesbians you wish you could...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mattb, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. Seeing as there are lots of celebrity dorris threads going at the moment, I thought I'd start my own niche one.

    Who's your favourite lesbian (or bisexualist)?

    I've got bit of a thing for Amber Heard:
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  2. It means nothing without your cap badge
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  3. samantha fox
  4. No other threads already about lesbians then? ZZzzZzzZzz
  5. Hey, you can start a straight (athlete) males you wish were gay thread if you like!
  6. comically however, when using the phone app version of arrse, 3123 has his badge back!
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  7. Carina Trimingham.

    Or is that just sick?
  8. Yup it adds to the confusion.
  9. Fixed that for you.

    You wrong un.
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  10. Germain Greer, just to get the chance to make her bleed to death out of her arrse!
  11. Lesbian Snail sex ?

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  12. I am afraid that Germain likes cock.

    Lefty chicks are right goers as they are surrounded by limp wristed sensitive types 24/7 and they like a bit of rough on quiet to make up for it.
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  13. So its quite a distinct possibility that one could give her an anal prolapse?
  14. Someone probably beat you to it.

    Just like with Joanna Lumley.
  15. There is at least one huge thread about lesbians.