Lesbians don't get rose - they're disgusted

They're right...that's not a proper lesbian couple that fat one's a geezer.

I've seen loads of lezzer porn and they look nowt like them goppers.
The one on the right, black crop sleeved T-shirt is a fake. She doesn't resemble any of the real lesbians I've seen in those 'educational' filums.
The one in the brown jumper could have the honour of receiving my spaff over her face though.


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Must be a really slow news days for the mail online - wasnt vals day weeks ago?


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Has someone moved the county boundary? Last time I looked, Newark was in Notts not Lincs.

The one in brown would get it, the one in black wouldn't, and as this is the naafi, balls, jizz etc....
Do fem rug munchers lack standards?
Bulky figure, saggy tits and arse, scowly face and the dress sense of a scaffolder. Oh Lush.
I'm disgusted, I clicked on that link expecting filth and suddenly I was in Daily Mail land, it's like Kent but with a spellchecker.


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Bulky figure, saggy tits and arse, scowly face and the dress sense of a scaffolder. Oh Lush.
That's how I got Mrs B&T. Can't see what your problem is!
Damn the OP and his spelling mistake, the thread should read "disgusting"
"Can I have a rose for the delightful chunky monkey I'm with please?"

"No love, these are for proper couples not extras from This Is England."

"We are outraged!!"

"Not stopping the fat cunt from eating though is it?"
I did once try to explain to a certain woman that she couldn't be a proper lesbian.
As not Dutch and did not look the lesbians that appear in training videos :(

She considered the point then threatened to throw me through the pub window if I didn't apologise:)


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Lesbians allowed to move from one county to another, who'd a thunk it?
I have nothing against lesbians moving from one part of the c(o)untry to another, however I do object to the Daily Hate moving bits of the country about.
Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, 1600:


What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet
as a diesel dyke;
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