Lesbian soldiers first gay army married couple

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by KGB_resident, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. Noe they will no doubt demand the choice of married quarters
  2. How nice, still in their teen's and married, most of the young couple's that I knew, were divorced by the time they turned 23 or so.

    Still I wish them luck, at least they wont have to worry about the kid's ruining their blissfull live's.

    (please note, I'm old fashioned and have intentionally tried to remain neutral on this subject).

  3. Done before. Canadian Armed Forces sanctioned ' marriage' between two male NCO's last year some time.. they were given ' married quarters and the usual ' benefits'..no one seems to have batted an eye over it...
    way the world is going apparently, except in Muslim areas [ and who knows what goes on there since the media is controlled ]
  4. Still a pair of mingers .I wonder which one wears the COMBAT trousers !!!!
  5. And yet again another top quality advert for the RLC.
  6. Serious question...porn aside, has anyone ever seen a genuine lesbian that was attractive? To blokes that is...

    Professor Awol has a theory that it is all about an extra shipload of testosterone being delivered to the embryo in the early days that determines dodgy sexual orientation, the same stuff that makes all these lesbians look, walk and act like blokes.

    So, show me a link to a pretty one, to prove my carefully considered research is just bo11ocks. :wink:
  7. I can visual queues of "carpenters" outside every ACIO all wanting to join the newly liberated RLC! Thank fcuk there's a Navy!!!
  8. You should try the RLC night club ''CLUB47'' in Gutersloh.Lots of scary carpet munchers there
    talk about the stereotypical ''Bull Dykes'' .You dont want to kick off in that place full of Yorkie
    chomping lesbian truckers .They have there own area in the place with a sign saying
  9. Portia de Rossi

    You would wouldn't you ??

    edited coz link was fcuked
  10. Nope, bloke's jaws. Both of them.

  11. I don't know the one on the left might get it :) But then I could always watch.......
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    To quote the 'Guv' Al Murrey...Not Normal!!!Never cunfused....
  13. Good luck to them.
  14. Stinking rug munchers should have their flaps stapled together with a nail gun.

    Maybe as a wedding gift they should tug their wombs out and donate them to Anya, she misplaced hers didnt she?