Lesbian soldier wins case and could get £400,000.00

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by robbie36, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. A lesbian soldier who endured lewd sexual innuendo from a senior staff sergeant who claimed he could "turn her straight" could win compensation of more than £400,000, after winning her case against the Ministry of Defence.


    I find this a total disgrace after the MOD just released that soldiers wounded in battle could get a max payout of £250,000, and a small pension, but once again it seems that being a lesbian with attitude and a career that was going nowhere in the first place is better off. :x

    It makes me sooo angry
  2. So where will the £400,000 reduction in budget come from in order to pay her?
  3. And that's not forgetting how much the case has cost the MOD as well. As this case has been going on for well over a year now. And no figure has been released on the cost yet.
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  5. what would her maximum loss of earnings be?
  6. not 400,000. over 12 years at the max rank of Bdr!!
  7. Hey, for that amount of money I'd sleep with her
  8. But then she would take you to court for sexual harrasment
  9. Why; she likes ladies?
  10. She also stands to earn a possible £40,000 for hurt feelings that's the bit i like ( Fooking hate) wish i had 40 grand for everytime my feelings had been hurt when i was young solidier!! i would have more than Sir Richard Branson by now.
  11. no she has be nknow to be into men now and again if my memory is still ok it involved a major in Bosnia of which i believe she recieved a payment for as well but i don't know that for sure
  12. Youre just jealous...
  13. This person should visit Ben Parkinson and other soldiers who have been wounded in action or disabled.
    But having served with this person I doubt if it would touch her stone cold heart or make her feel guilty.
    I know some very good femail soldiers who are lesbians and they dont bring their prefrences to work with them.
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