Lesbian solders £200,000 harassment payout branded obscene

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. From The Telegraph
    A lesbian soldier has won nearly £200,000 damages from the Ministry of Defence for campaign of sexual harassment against her by a boss who claimed he could "convert" her to heterosexuality.
    Fom BBC
    The MoD has been ordered to pay £30,000 in respect of "injury to feelings", £20,000 for "aggravated damages" and £50,000 for "exemplary damages".

    A further £65,558 was ordered to be paid in respect of lost earning and pension entitlement.

    The remainder of the total is made up of Miss Fletcher's costs and interest payments.
  2. that is fecking disgusting
  3. Just prooves how screwed up this country has become
  4. And she still has 3 more claims going in, why doesn't she just walk away now with some dignity left rather than take it all the way, knowing that she is depriving the MOD of much needed funds.
  5. Dignity or lots of money, It's not a hard choice for someone to make.
  6. £186,896. I just don't f**cking believe it, I know judges have a tenuous contact with reality but these buggers must be off the Starship Enterprise. We've got guys with real injuries that can only dream of a settlement this size.
  7. First off I'm not a fan of human rights BS but, if those she complained to in the first place had acted or investigated her complaints throughly and acted on them she wouldn't have had to go down the compo road would she?
    Her bosses F!@#ed up and now the MoD is paying the price, if that means there is less money to pay for other things, perhaps this will 'encourage' Commanding Officers to carry out the Human Rights regs properly.
  8. I sincerely hope that I am wrong but it does start to look like the thin end

    of the wedge for this type of claim. Enforcement of discipline must be

    akin to walking on eggshells.
  9. Its civil law get over it, the hierachy failed to protect the system and the system is now getting punished

    But the cash won't be coming out the body armour budget........

    No doubt the individuals concerned have fecked careers, another lesson to everyone in positions of responsibility in this PC age we live in

    Shizer but there you go, its foolish to think of this as the MOD and serving soldiers versus some cranky gold digging lezzer.

    Its the MOD thats f+cking the armed forces not the little people with genuine axes to grind

    Looking at the phot though, I'd have a go at converting her, tidy as feck, her boss needs a shoeing for such a lame effort
  10. Shame a fcukwit like you can't tell the difference between a legal system open to all in this country that has set maximum limits it can award and a tight-arsed government that sends its armed forces into harms way whilst voluntarily operating a compensation scheme with inadequate levels of awards for life shattering injuries.

    Tell me Shitlips, do judges award compo at an employment? No, because they are not heard before a Judge. Why did this case get to Tribunal? Because the Army CoC and MoD fcuked up big time by not following its own rules and regulations. One of the reasons the bean flicker got so much is the Tribunal awarded her extra damages because of the disgracefully shamful way in which her CoC, the Army and MoD have acted in this matter, but I guess that little jem just passed you by while you were waiting for the outrage bus!

    Now, how would you feel if your CoC, the army or MoD broke the military covernant with you, because that's what's at the heart of this, the Army CoC and MoD not playing by their own rules, rules that are there for the protection of everyone, not just the lucky few!

    Yeah, it's a hell of a lot more dosh than some amputee from the sandpit, perhaps you should be writing to Uncle Gordon to ask why compo for wounded servicemen is so low, instead of bitching that some dike got more than others!

    It disgusts me that misinformed c0cks who read the Sun and Daily Star always want to 'take' from those who get more from whereever to give to the guys and gals injured on ops, who rightly deserve more, rather than beat down the door of their local MP to demand a raise for levels set for such injuries.
  11. She was being bullied by a SNCO, she complained as she was entitled to do, nothing was done. There was no discipline issue.
  12. Thank you for the stereotyping, unfortunately you are so far off target the range staff are worried.
  13. You're her, aren't you?
  14. Is the same case as previously discussed in another forum? The one where the woman concerned was caught in bed with another female but denied been a lesbian during the disciplinary process? Perjury springs to mind!

  15. This is a bit from another post on the story

    In 1998 Miss Fletcher denied being a lesbian in disciplinary proceedings after being caught in bed with an Australian policewoman. At the time, homosexuality was not permitted in the Army. She was warned about her conduct and posted to another unit.