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Les Irlandais et La France-300 years of Military co-operation at Les Invalides Paris.

In view of the increased emphasis on Anglo-French military co-operation any of you who who are in Paris on business or pleasure this month might be interested in a visit to the French National Army Museum at Les Invalides where there is an exposition on Irish-French military co-operation over the past 300 years. It very diplomatically covers battles such as Fontenoy as well as the Irish contribution with the British Army in the Great War.

I took some photos there last week and I have made this little compilation below. Hope you enjoy!

Les Irlandais et la France -Exposition Les Invalides Paris 2012 - YouTube

I have also included two of my favourite marches

San Patricio- the March of the Armada Argentina in honour of its founder- Admiral William Brown from county Mayo.

Le Chant des Partisans - THE great song of the French Resistance.

About 9 minutes-I hope you enjoy it. (The exposition finishes at the end of the month).
Micks and Frogs! What a combination. I mean, it's fated to ensure that all nations regard themselves as one. Well done!

MsG (from the pukka Bugsy - dat's me, da Mick)
I can't remember the perfect quote from the WW2 German spy... the Irish are very good at dying for their country, just not very good at fighting for it.

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