What do you call a leper in a hot tub? Stu

Why did the leper drive off the road? His foot stuck to the accelerator

What did the leper say to the prossie? Thanks, and keep the tip.
Whats the difference between a leper and a tree? A tree has limbs
How can you tell if you've gotten a letter from a leper? There's a tongue stuck to the envelope.
A male leper and a female leper are dying in the Leper Hospital, she offers him a shag so he decides to have a go, after all it was probably his last chance. After they have done the deed, she asks him to shag her again, but this time to stick his tongue in her mouth, he tells her that he had already done that, but she said no you didn't, you stuck it in the hole where my nose used to be.
leper goes into a bar, sits on a stool and shouts up a double whisky, drinks and orders again, the barman obliges then nearly spews,.... this goes on for five doubles,.. leper says, "why do you nearly vomit every time i order?",... barman says "it aint you m8, the bloke next to ya keeps dipping his nachos in yer neck!" :)


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why did the brothel in the leper colony close down?
cos business kept dropping off.
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