Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by thekey, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. Sorry to say but although it is, in my humble opion, a very good film, it is let down by a couple of points. The biggest of which is when they are assalting his flat and fit a 81mm Illum to the end of a gpmg? Whats that all about, its not even like they tried to hide it, you can read the designation on the side of the bomb in the film.
    I know your all probably gonna hate me for pointing this out, but come on the mortars - you must have spotted this!!
  2. All I saw was 'Mathilda' (a goth lolita)


  3. Who wouldnt want one of those paint ball sniper rifles .Better than the
    real thing on 2 counts if you get caught minimal sentance . if you dont get caught you can do it again :lol: .
    good film didnt notice the ilum round but it did seem a bit complicated to do one bloke in a room
  4. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Ahh yes, but they needed all the help they could get once they entered the apt and the door shut.

    Or in the pre-Leon movie where the character was first introduced - the shoot out in the Pharmacy called for cops with PNVG's and 7.62 Rifle.
  5. n't there going to be a Leon 2? Don't know how as he died (or did he?). Maybe Natalie Portmen will be the 'hitman?'
  6. what was the pre leaon movie ? what have i missed .Natalie portman as a hit women drool :lol: .
    I remeber havinga conversation about how la femme nikita was so much better than assasins (the hollywood remake ) Apart from the french film was just cooler they lead character had sexier underwear &guns
    On been told to define sexy guns by my boss ." if you werent a pouf you would understand "needless to say that job didnt last long :lol:
  7. Nikita

    Stunning film, the shoot out in the Chinese with her toting the 44 automag? or is it a Desert Eagle , is stunning.

    Leon was 'Le nettyoen" The cleaner,whose job was to dispose of bodies. That acid scene in the bath was a bit harrowing.

    Not to be confused with that bollox with Bridget Fonda , or Petra what's her name.

    Film can be found titled 'Nikita' or La Femme Nikita'
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    The restaurant is a famous and very expensive place near Gard du Nord (as my date whilst watching the movie informed me) and the weapon I recall was a .50 Desert Eagle - loved the shot going through the wall and hitting the BG. And the spaghetti flying everywhere as the BG's shoot up the kitchen.

    I thought he was 'Victor'? But regardless, this is where the title of cleaner was first introduced as a role to mean something other than a philippino running around with a mop in the mess after mealtime.

    Damn straight, poorly directed and written. A suitable embarrassment for Hollywood.
  9. Ahh Luc Besson. the best French Director ever.

    try 'The Big Blue' from 88 and 'Subway' from 85 as well
  10. In one film it is the automag the other a desert eagle but which is which
    i forget . certainly nikitia is a very good film and assasins poor remake
  11. I thought the acid bath scene was in the Hollywood version (called "Assassin") - you are right "Nikita" was by far the superior version
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Nikita I am sure is a .50 Desert Eagle, the .44 Automag was not in the Assasin restaurant scene, in that (if i recall) scene it was some small fully auto weapon. I don't remember a .44 Automag at all.

  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

  14. A great film, Jean Reno is always good value, he was brilliant in Ronin. A man of few words, but a real screen presence.
  15. I may be stoned to death for this... but I always liked Jean Reno's line in Godzilla after the wimpy yank says "what do we do?"

    "Running a good idea". Makes me chuckle.

    As for Leon, has to be my favourite film. Le Femme Nikita impressive but was lessoned by me watching the Assassin first which gave away the premise/ideas.

    The TV series spin off I enjoyed as well even though I haven't managed to see them all in squence.

    Finally there are rumours circulating about a Leon sequel as natalie portman has said she'd like to do it and postpone her 'break' from filming.