Leon Degrelle

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Carter., Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. The Waffen SS on the Eastern Front
    'The Waffen SS were the military and ideological shook troops of Europe - a million volunteers fighting to save Europe and their homelands from Bolshevism. Less than half of them were German, yet they fought side by side in the first truly European army ever to exist'

    For those who dont know who Leon Degrelle was, he was a belgian volunteer in the SS who was on the Eastern Front almost when Operation Barbarossa began to the bitter end of German defeat.

    Is this guy a fruitcake who belongs in the loony bin or is this quote true? or both??

    i made this thread because im interested to know what people think about him and his opinions about WW2 and Communism
  2. Hope you have our hard hat on. Can hear, the incoming already whistling in.

    On a serious note, if the SS is the model on which the fruitbat thinks an European Army should model itself.... He should be put out of his delusional misery.

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  3. I dont understand i want peoples opinions about his views

    i see what you mean
    what about the SS principles like fighting to end and to get the job done, whatever the cost.
  4. Lets forget about the war crimes and murder of jews in this thread and remember how the SS fought the Soviets outnumbered in almost every battle and won (during the offensive) or when they stood their ground and fought amazing defensive battles against overwhelming odds

  5. OKay here's my opinion- he was a piece of shit.

    What about the SS principles of serving an odious, disgusting regime? Of committing atrocities against soldiers and civilians on an almost unprecedented scale? Of being the primary agency involved in mass murder? Of blindly following the orders of a madman when everything was clearly lost?
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  6. Very true!
    But you got to admire how men all over german occupied europe volunteered to join the SS to fight what THEY thought was right and fought to the death for one another and the german cause? Even when all hope was lost
  7. are you sure it wasnt the Waffen SS' exquisite tailoring that attracted so many non german volunteers?
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    The SS was "the first truly European army ever to exist".

    I think that claim might surprise a few Roman commanders and possibly a couple of crusaders.

    Anyway, the SS didn't have the monopoly in "fighting to the end to get the job done" - plenty of units did that, and without the sideline in being murderous scum - half the time they fought to the end only because they knew they'd be shot anyway and had nothing to lose.
  9. Fraid I cant "admire" anyone who volenteered to fight for the NAZI Regime and its genocidal policies
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  10. Do you admire the followers of Al Qaeda and associated Islamic radicals from all over the world for the crimes they have committed in the name of a cause THEY think is right?

    Personally I admire those few in the occupied countries who from the very beginning fought against oppression.
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  11. School holidays again already? Doesn't the time just fly past. Surprised it took this long for the pale Nazi groupies to emerge, blinking, into the unaccustomed bright light.
  12. 'half the time they fought to the end only because they knew they'd be shot anyway and had nothing to lose.'

    iv heard this before, could be true but how do you know that isnt western propaganda being shoved down your throat?

    (i just been reading a few of my posts and i kind of sound like a nazi, I AM NOT A NAZI AND I DO NOT THINK FACISM IS THE WAY TO GO, before anyone asks)​

  13. No let's not...



    Instead let's remember that only ONE SS unit had no recorded atrocities to its name, and that was the one composed almost entirely of Frenchmen - SS Charlemagne.

    I would much rather read about someone like Captain Charles Upham, who could the SS a thing or two about being tough:

    Captain Charles Upham VC & Bar - Telegraph

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  14. That's the problem though isn't it? you cannot separate the Waffen-SS from the atrocities they committed. It stains forever all who served in the organization no matter if they did not commit such crimes. Degrelle was a personally brave man in a thoroughly despicable organization.
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  15. I dont agree with what Al Qaeda or the Taliban do but havnt you ever heard in the army to respect your enemys?
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