Leo Kessler has died

Rip fella, only Sven hassel left now of the true greats
didnt realise kessler and whiting were one and the same,, rip ,, ive read nearly all your stuff over the years,, you will be missed but remembered in your writings..
Just re reading Massacre at Malmedy.

My memory is of a prolific writer- in the late 70s/early 80s there seemed a time when every week a new Kessler book was published- but also a serious author of the european theatre of WW2.
Another one of the ‘old school’ that many boys and those making a first foray into WWII history picked-up on years ago – like me. Bits of fact, bits of jumble and a generous helping of license – there came a certain satisfaction in being able to spot the difference.

I mentioned another couple in the History section including the obit for James Lucas. Ian Hogg apparently died a few years ago, which I missed, and his obit is HERE

All things must pass. :nod:

RIP, bit shocked over this, actually just finished one of his books at weekend.
Did he die in a hail of lead from the co-ax of a T34?
I didnt really like his books that much although I read a lot of them, They reminded me of JT Edson rather than Sven Hassel.
I think he said in some of his books (About SS Wotan?) that they were based on a SS officer's writings.


Book Reviewer
The best war novels he wrote. Still like to read them. Did you know that his own experience he wrote the books? In my country the books can be purchased in gift box. Gift box
He was a British Army Sgt during the last war

Funny enough I have one of his non ficxtion books somewhere about the bombing of York his home town
He wrote that under the Leo Kessler name also

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