Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TAXI, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. I passed selection 6 weeks ago and was told that I would start phase 1 training at Bassingbourne within 6 to 8 weeks,my job choices are Plumbing/Heating Engineer, Avionics and Vehicle Mechanic. To date my recruiter has not heard anything regarding my start date, does it usually take this long, I need to have some idea as I want to book my driving test. If I havn't passed my test before starting training will I have any free time in Phase 2 to book more lessons.
  2. im not 100% sure but i think the army teach you to drive so you don't really have to worry
  3. Depending on what trade you are you will get taught to drive.

    And Taxi, Bassingbourn doesn't have an 'e' on the end :wink:
  4. I passed my selection on the 29th of October and my first choice was RE Electrician.

    I was told i would have to wait until April to even start looking at a basic date though, so i went with REME VM.

    That brought my start date forward to February the 16th. I know the army are extremely short of VM's at the moment so if you wouldn't mind be a VM and want in quick you might be able to get a basic date in February.

    Obviously look at the wait for your first choice though but it may be the problem that my recruiter had, there were no dates available at the moment.

    Regarding your driving test, im pretty sure you take your test in the army anyway. You certainly do as a VM plus your HGV test.

  5. Vehicle Mechanic will give you a full driving licence for all vehicles including motorcycles (so they say). The other two don't require driving. If you're going RE, go electricianif you want driving as this comes with a category B driving licence. Heating and Plumbing engineer doesn't carry a licence.
  6. omg, omg, i was gonna go for recovery mech as my first choice, and my basic trainin date was 6th april, and now i am thinkin, cos of yu, i mite change it to my sec choice which is VM and the date for that is the 23rd, i need to go see my recruiter tomorrow, i passed selection on the 31st of oct...that was like a day after yurs, where did yu do yur selection, litchfield?
  7. WOAH janedoe, change because of me? Calm down we haven't even met yet :wink:

    23rd of what? This month or February?

    Did my selection at Pirbright i thought Lichfield had closed? 8O
  8. Lichfield is still open for ADSC, its pretty much a building site atm but still open. Had my ADSC there 6-7th nov.
  9. There may not yet be a date for your particular job CEG on the computer system that we use for your job selection and application, however there is a lady that allocates you all to intakes.

    A simple call to her from your recruiter and she will be able to give a date or intended date for you phase one intake. Unlike the Infantry who have regular intakes more specialist trades do not.

    One other thing although it is easy enough for us to change your job choice to something else think hard about it. This is meant to be a career that could possibly be 22 years long.

    To change your job choice because you want to get in quicker rather than wait a couple of extra months might be something you regret.
  10. Totally agree with you there TartanTerror. Im still trying to decide whether i want to be a combat engineer or not. I think il be more than happy as a VM though.

    The grass always seems greener... :roll:
  11. With regards to changing from reccy mech to VM though im sure you would still have the chance to get out in the field if you show enthusiasm? Bloody well hope so anyway!
  12. I passed selection on the 7th November, and going REME VM - still waiting on my date along with a few other girls who did selection.

    Forgive my naivety and impatience - but I really can't see how putting a name on a list can take more than a week - especially as they are allegedly crying out for VMs. I need the date asap as I have to give a months notice in my job and i need to book flights for a planned trip to cyprus, which are getting more expensive each day.

    Anyone know what the process is - why it takes so long? is there further checks they need to do after selection? Anything I can do to expedite it? I just need to know!!!
  13. well i should hope there are still a few more spaces left, according to what my recruiter told me there is apparently one officer who deals with dates and things like that in the whole of the country, can you imagine that, i actually went in today to see me recruiter regarding switching job choices to me second choice which is VM and i'm been given 2nd feb, now i am sooo excited i cant contain me self, dnt worry too much, i think you would get yur date soon enough.
  14. hiya, yea, it's cos when you mentioned changing jobs cos of an earlier date, i noticed the list of other jobs that i had qualified for since passing ADSC, and my sec choice of job was there which was VM and my recruiter told me it is a much better choice anyway for me, and i now my start date has been moved all the way from 6th april to 2nd feb next yr, how ace is that...i cant believe and now i am so excited and anxious i spent the whole of last night writing down all the things i need to buy and we are only in november...i cant contain me self, oh before i forget i have to learn how to swim, do you know how long it takes for someone to learn how to swim?
  15. i know right that's why they say you have 3 choices and make sure they are the choices you would love to do, in case you don't meet requirements for the first one, and you meet the requirements for your sec choice, you don't get too disappointed.