Lenin, Sidney Reilly, and Lockhart Plot

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tremaine, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. 1918 Britain tried to off Lenin, before the new Bolsheviks signed up to a Fritz pact strengthening Germany's forces in the West, the story goes. Was the plan led by Lockhart, or The Ace of Spies Sidney Reilly? And did Whitehall really dream this all up for a serious punt at Lenin? Allegedly ...Reilly and Lockhart's plan (commonly referred to as "The Lockhart Plot") was to intercept Lenin and Trotsky, Lenin's war commissar, during a meeting at Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre and nick them. They nmight have planned to give Lenin and Trotsky over to allied forces or they might have intended to shoot them

    "But, more than 90 years later, the British government continues to keep many {files} secrets. All, in Robert Service's view, to maintain the myth that Lockhart-style plots have not - nor ever would be - countenanced by London. "Britain today has a policy for its intelligence services that is openly averse to subverting foreign governments or assassinating foreign political leaders," he says. "My guess is that the thinking in Whitehall is that the pretence ought to be that this has always been the case. That the British have always been clean".

    "The British haven't always been clean. They have been as dirty as anyone else." <giggle>

    The Lockhart Plot will be broadcast on Monday 21 March at 2000 GMT on BBC Radio 4 and will also be available on the BBC iPlayer.
  2. Lenin was a threat to the Allies a truce/peace/ceasefire would lead to the spring offensive.
    a fews books on the subject

    The search for C is a good example of the man who formed SIS
  3. Not un reasonable to think that SIS , formed 1909? , took interest in the Bolshevist rise to fame and gory , pardon the pun, well before the Great War. Why not a plot to slot Lenin? after all, a similar hairbrained scheme is on record for 1944.

    A cynical wag might think up a connection to one English Monarch's Russian cousin and family having been invited by the Lenin club, to the cellar at Ipatiev House during the revolution , "for their own safety" . Even the family dog is said to have bought it.
  4. Pre war funding is interesting to read up, Cynically speakin was it not the local troika that gave the cellar order.
  5. If by Troika you mean political leaders. Or twelve Russian soldiers done it under orders or not, or the Cheka gave the order. Investigations were suppressed as far as the books say, and the circumstances were perhaps never released, even one investigator was removed and disappeared on threatening to go public. The King is said to have suppressed a rescue attempt for cousin Nicholas, but might just have got his way in the end.If you know what I mean.