Length of training for an enlisted soldier in the TA.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PM-88, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. How long would the training take for the soldier to be mobilised? I know that training happens on the weekends, and there various camps to go on, there is also specialised training as well (for medics, chefs... I am assuming)...so how long would it be from the first day of training to the when you are able to get mobilised?

    I realise that this is quite an open question, and the answers would vary on how much time the soldier could give to training...but if there is a minimum amount of time after training it would be interesting to know.

    Thank you for any helpful replies...and sorry if a thread like this has been posted before.

  2. I'd have thought it would depend a great deal on the abilities of the individual but it has been mentioned on another thread that people have been mobilised after 4 weeks training. How accurate that is I don't know.
  3. There was a thread kicking around yesterday about mobilisation direct from CIC. Conversely my mob try to ensure at least six, and preferably more, months' service post-Phase 1c. Realistically, to have any utility (Thank you, Gen Rupert...) 'in-role' you'd need a special to arm qualification anyway.
  4. Depends entirly on the unit, glasgow and the person in question, infantry are getting on strength very quickly and are being mobilised quite quickly from what I have seen.

    Some trades will take years before you are able to mobilise.
  5. Seriously as an individual I would say don't mobilise without 12 months TA service under your belt. Regular Recruits can get up too 26 weeks of basic training. If you are TA Inf for example you get 7 weekends and a 2 week Course. You can see the void of difference between the end result.

    I took guys straight from the Comabt Infantrymans Course on Ops some with age and commonsense were OK some were like fish out of water though adding to the burden. To be a credit to your unit and yourself get a little time in first. No rush the ops will be around for a while.

    As others have mentioned to be of real use on ops get your trade training under your belt. Its not about you its about what you can bring to the team - remember that.

    Why are you so desperate to go - I ask because you used the words 'so how long would it be from the first day of training to the when you are able to get mobilised'?

    Or you could do it the hard way and join the Regulars.

    Choice is yours

  6. From your previous posts I assume you are an Undergraduate and are therefore exempt from Mobilisation ( Unless you are happy to be mobilised).

    Theoretically you could walk in off the street and be processed all the paperwork done and medicals etc in 4- 6 weeks prior to starting recruit training. But this rarely happens this fast as Glasgow who process your documents tends to slow things down.

    Once complete your recruit training which should in theory take place at a RTC ( regional Training centre). They tend to run courses at monthly intervals for recruits ( someone might correct me on this) 4 Weekend minimum and then you can go on your two weeks at depot/CIC
    ( depending on which unit you are with). These can be booked up with limited availability despite the manpower shortages in the army so this could take you a couple of months to get on a course. It helps if you are flexible with timings, but again if you are a student then I guess exams etc can make this awkward.

    Once you have qualified you can then start your phase 2 trade training, but may then be liable for call out.

    As a rough rule of thumb don't count on the process up to phase two taking less than 6 months in the real world.

    If you are hoping to deploy after this you would get the requisite Optag training. Personally and especially if your Inf I would want to get a bit more experience before deployment though as the total sum of your training is only a few weeks in reality and this puts a lot on yours and your muckers shoulders .

    Good luck with whatever you decide. :D
  7. ...spot on.

    It serves no-one for raw recruits to train up and mobilise - not the Army, not the TA and certainly not the individual.

    Inner confidence and being at 'one' with your skill sets and training takes years, not a slippery sausage machine of Recruit course and CIC - it needs to be 'natural', not conscious thought from a recent training course.

    Come the day that a TA soldier ends up in a 'pickle' in one way or the other and the H&S nazi's go back through the training and preparation, a minimum period of service will come in but it will be too late for the individual(s) involved.

  8. I'm not desperate to go on ops, I was just asking out of curiosity.

    I am starting university next year, and I have read other threads that say the TA could be an option instead of the UOTC. I was told that TA was more military orientated and less of a social club, and as I am planning on joining the regulars after univeristy (got AOSB Briefing coming up in the summer) I thought I might ask about mobilisation just in case I do join the TA, and just in case I do get mobilised. Just so I could work out if it would be possible to 'go out there' with only a year or two under my belt.

    Sorry if I gave the impresion that I was some trigger happy macho-man! :p

  9. Definitely unsuitable for the 'new' TA then......

    sounds to me like you should AOSB, take it easy at Uni by joining the OTC, get a good degree, and then go for it in the TA/Regulars when you have a qualification under your belt.
  10. Mr tracy is talking serious sense here mate. i did what your thinking of doing. I joined the TA because i wanted closer to the real thing than you can get at a UNI OTC. What i found was that many of the courses are run only during term time. Unis tend not to be too supportive as i also found that everytime there was a CIC i could do an assignment was due. The TA is a great way to develop as a person learn new skills and make great mates. However after 3 years of doing it i found it was impossible to carry on mixing the two, the third year is the hardest of a degree i was working all week on assignments and being told i had to attend weekends.

    As my old section commander once told me:-
    CPL: you must choose what comes first the TA or your degree.
    Me: what did you choose cpl.
    CPL: the TA
    Me: is that why you failed your degree then
    CPL: Yes.

    I didnt just encounter that attitude from him but from others, because of putting my degree first i found that even although without doing an annual camp or courses i could still easily do 60days a year, they believed i wasnt committed enough.

    At the end of the day any experience is better than no experience. The OTC will still teach you valuable lessons that if you did nothing you wouldnt get. Courses with the OTC are designed to run at times that much most uni timetables, you will still get a bit of credit for it compared to joe bloggs that walked off the street when you want to sign up and go in the regs.

    Also a lesson i learned and have seen done. in the TA students are NOT exempt from compulsory mobilisation. i have seen undergraduates get mobilised and even after appealing to oc/co still get told they have to deploy or resign.

    Apologies if this may seem a bit wahish or rantish.
  11. No problem about the ranting! I have been told this view by my ACA (O)...just thought I'd ask, and was hoping people will comment on whether I have got the right idea in mind. I am planning to join the UOTC first, I was just wondering about the "other" option...just curious!

    Thanks for the replies, been very helpful,

  12. Nutter,

    sounds like you were in a crap unit, as an OU student ive been told family/work first, then degree, then TA should be my priorities from my unit.
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    FWIW, we had an arabic speaking grad walk in the door and I would say he was mobilised two weeks after attestation. He hadn't even done his recruits course.

    Welcome to the TA son, report to brize, somebody in country will find you a shooter.

    I have to say that is pretty disgraceful though the individual concerned wasn't pi$$ed off, he just figured it was kinda normal and exciting. I don't know if he was required to do the recruits course when he came back LOL!
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I would say from two units I've served with both times had this as an attitude, rather than "TA or Death". Its always been family, work, TA. That said, a few weeks prior to mobilisation you might want to put in a few extra BFT's on your own time....
  15. "Also a lesson i learned and have seen done. in the TA students are NOT exempt from compulsory mobilisation. i have seen undergraduates get mobilised and even after appealing to oc/co still get told they have to deploy or resign."

    thanks for that nutter. i will have to show that to a couple of the great unwashed in my unit who constantly tell us that as students they will not get deployed under any circumstances. put the two of them in their places.

    as for mobilisation, i was told that i couldnt get mobilised until i had passed trade training even with previous inf-reg service with the hardest working batallion in the british army. as soon as that had come through another excuse was used. methinks my PSAO is illiterate and doesnt like doing paperwork!!!