Length of Trade Training


ive searched the army jobs website and other sites but i cant find out the length of trade training for RA artillery command systems and Gunner Rapier.
i need to know the length of trade training for my interview when i go to selection.
can anyone help?


im assuming uv read this...

Basic Training
Training for the Royal Artillery recruits is split into 2 phases. Initial training takes place in Pirbright in Surrey, where you will complete the Common Military Syllabus Recruits or CMSR. On completion of CMSR, you will move to Larkhill on Salisbury Plain where you will be trained to become a gunner in the Royal Artillery.

Trade Training
You will be taught to deploy and operate the missile launcher. This will require you to use optical sighting instruments, electromechanical devices and to handle High Explosive missiles. You will communicate by radio and data communications and also be taught to drive the vehicle used by your detachment. In the field the team live in the open with the weapon system, so you will need to be self reliant and robust.

although it dosent say the duration of either, just make sure u know what u will be learning and where. when they ask how long it will be just tell them you couldnt find the info... unless any1 else can provide the info u need. they aint gonna reject you for not knowing one bit of info :wink: dont worry so much.

taken from http://shared.armyjobs.mod.uk/JobDescriptions/RegularArmy/Combat/RoyalArtillery/GunnerRapier.htm


i had to find that out aswell, but my recruiting officer told me to just tell

em that the length of trade training depends on what you do, and thats

what i did and all was fine, good luck in your interview!


yeah ive read that, i thought i should find out how long it was because my recruiting officer told me i should really know this sort of thing for my job choices. but i suppose your right, its not ESSENTIAL to know it.