Length of Service in the cadets

Discussion in 'ACF' started by walting_matilda, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. Ladies and Gents

    Had a bit of a debate the other day:

    Q: Does Regular/TA timed served count as cadet timed served? For example, if an AI does 15 years in the Regular/TA and 7 years in the cadets as an AI. Does that count as 22 years in the cadets?
  2. Yes. In the same way that my university education counts towards my "time in" at primary school.
  3. I did hear that time in the OTC could be counted as reckonable service when it came to promotion though? Can anyone shed light on this?
  4. Promotion in the ACF or TA/Regs?

    Certainly if you leave the OTC and go to RMAS it counts for naught, and as a Grp B soldier it is unlikely to be considered reconable service in a Grp A establishment, though I believe technically it can (though I'd be happy to be corrected on this if there are any PSAOs out there).
  5. Commissioned TA Gp B OTC time used to count for the TD if that's of any interest at all...
  6. You can use your Regular service (up to 3 years) to put toward the much coveted Cadet Medal. If you want. Or you can buy one off ebay along with a VC, MM, GC and MFI
  7. If Cadet* service over 18 can count towards the CFM, I'm pretty sure TA service can too, as long as there are no long gaps (The book of rules will tell how long the gaps can be, I think)

    *As a Cadet, not as adult. You read it right. Cadets in the ATC can serve until 20 years of age. 18 to 20 can count as the first two years of the 12 for the CFM
  8. There is probably also a rule (which I couldn't find) allowing reg or reserve service to count as continuation but not qualifying service (as there is for the VRSM). Edited to add - JSP 761 refers you to JSP 814, not held this location.
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