Length of rest period?

Im aiming to join 4 Para thus Ive implemented a quite intensive fitness regime to prepare myself and am bascially running/jogging a lap around this place called Richmond Park which is the largest open space in Greater London and I think the route I take is 12k's and im running this on a day on day off (day offs I spend weight training) but is a day enough for leg muscles to rest and recover?
I have enguired about this subject before on this forum and i think that the general opinion is that a day is long enough for them to recover.

Although i have got a Royal marine recuit fitness program and it says to do a run for three days in a row then rest for one day.
mon - run
tue - run
wed - run
thurs - rest
fri - run
sat - rest
sun - rest

Personally i really dont know but wouldve thought that during training you will do runs on consecutive days as opposed for 1 day run next day rest!

I do know that weight training should be done every other day though unless you work different muscle groups on different days.

I think thats a bit much mate. Do your 12k, have a rest (gym or whatever) day and then run say 6k. Make sure you have one off day a week too.

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