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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by taylor, Aug 28, 2011.

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  1. Good day to you all chaps!

    Had a question in regards to the length of the process from the application through to getting in to Sandhurst (Provided I pass the requirements).

    A bit about me: When I was last on here I submitted an application to the TA to become an officer, however I had to withdraw said application because of family issues - not something I wish to discuss (they said thankfully they never processed it by the time I phoned them).

    Since that point I put on 7 stone in weight, not through stress or anything, but mainly because I was looking after various family members, and not getting enough exercise myself (which I am now in the process of losing again and should be back to my previous weight by April / May time or there abouts). I submitted the application for full time officer last week,however everywhere I look provides different timescales so was wondering if anyone here had any helpful advice.

    I have been informed by the AFCO once the medical is done I can take AOSB, and main board which is then valid for 3 years, then once adequate weight is lost, if I get accepted, then go to Sandhurst.

    Now providing I lose the weight in the allotted time, roughly how long is it from the main board to sandhurst? Do you go straight to the next available slot or do they have a holding period?

    Many thanks!!
  2. Average application duration is 9 months currently for regular Officer.

    An AOSB main board pass can last for up to 5 years

    In order to be able to be medically processed to visit Pre and Main board the applicant must be medically (inclusive of BMI requirements) acceptable.

    Sandhurst training intakes are January, May and September.

    Age has also recently become a mitigating factor too, affecting the above criteria apart for the medical aspect.
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  3. So my application will be on hold for a while until I get the BMI down? I note that it says between 20-24.9 for BMI, but would I get away with 25-26? Reason I ask is that I have dense bones (along with the excess flab) and when I was skinny, I still weighed in at near 14 stone.

    Many thanks once again
  4. For application acceptance, Body Mass Index (BMI) must be between 18 and 32 (normally 28 but with further assessment up to 32). Male waistlines must be below 94cm
  5. So you weigh 21 stone?

    Good luck!
  6. Well at my heaviest I have weighed 26 stone (at the age of 16, due to sheer overeating and massive portions and junk food), dropped down to 14 stone by age 19, maintained that weight until age 21, and stress from family situation basically I started eating a lot again and not doing exercise, and I have hit 22 stone. I have lost 1 stone in a month and going strong!
  7. So you are fat now, will remain fat and want to lead soldiers, not being to unkind, I hope, but why would the Army want you? Especially as an officer? By you own account 19 stones is your normal weight, how tall are you?

    If this is a wind up it is pretty pointless as such so I will await your answer.
  8. On the other hand, he'd probably be considered underweight in the Navy.
  9. I am fat now, and no, I dont want to remain fat, I am looking to get to about 15 stone or so, and I am 6ft 3. Its not being unkind, you are expressing an opinion, a bit of an off one but no offense was taken.
  10. I'm having a bit of a job getting my head around the fact that you were comfortable with gaining seven stone. Your fitness levels must be abysmal. How old are you, if you don't mind me asking?
  11. I am 24, I was not comfortable with it, but when you are looking after 2 severly autistic children for a few years and not being able to go out as much as you like, not good.

    As for fitness, well I can still do sit ups and press ups (more than required in 2 mins), now I am able to go out again and start exercising (such as running and cycling), I am able to cycle as much as I like, and started walking/jogging a bit. Like I said I have lost a stone in a month and working on getting it lower. I am able to run a 10 minute mile (crap I know but its getting better than what it was). I am absolutely determined to get down in weight and get fit to join the Army.
  12. Now as you have provided your age, the next step is age/career dependant. As the vast majority of the "combatty" type Officer careers you must have passed the application process and be IN Sandhurst BY your 26th birthday, the "adminny" type careers have maintained the start of Sandhurst age of 28.11, unless a PQO....
  13. I am looking at the intelligence corps or RMP
  14. Is that correct? I thought it meant the last possible day for admission was the day before your 27th Birthday.

    Then again I am prone to confusion.
  15. The maximum age of entry to RMAS for all regular direct entrants has been reduced to 26 (before 26th birthday). An upper age limit of 29 (before 29th Birthday) will remain in place for serving soldier entrants and for those seeking a commission in the Adjutant’s General Corps (Staff & Personnel Support Branch), Adjutant’s General Corps (Educational & Training Staff), Adjutant’s General Corps (Royal Military Police), Royal Army Medical Corps (Medical Support Officer) and the Intelligence Corps. If you are likely to be over 26 on entry to RMAS (less for Soldier applicants) you should discuss your options with your Army Careers Adviser as a matter of priority before progressing further with your application.