Length of pre deployment training




you'll have to excuse my ignorance on this one, is the op tosca predeployment training shorter than the herrick predeployment?

I have a feeling i read on here (some time ago) that its only a month for tosca, but i cant find it on the search fnction.

I dont have a psi to ask (yet) nor have i volunteered for either (yet)!!!
Wah Shield on. Yes its shorter.
Only just shorter in some cases, Ive heard that the last lot, based around the Anglians, ended up doing all manner of random training for a few months before they went. Things like CIED, contact drills and the like.


no wah(I had to look up what a wah is!).

It's all an argument with the wife, when I transfer over and get past phase two I want to stick my hand up for Herrick, she wants me to do Tosca. I can't complain, at least she's moaning about me wanting to go anywhere in the first place.
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