Length of deployments to be changed?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Grad, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. Sorry if this has been mentioned already but we have been told that from next year standard deployments are going to change from 6 months to 8 months. I know US soldiers usually deploy for 9 months to a year is this the way the British army is heading too?
  2. Mmm - how is that going to affect retention. I guess that due to undermanning the time between tours would probably end up being reduced as well. We'll end up with 2 battalions of infantry doing turn and turn about. (Or am I being a tad pessimistic?)
  3. What was the source Grad?
    Be interesting for TA mobilised, a 6 monther turns into 8, with Predep trg. This'll change to a year. The figure of 500 TA a month dropping out will no doubt rise.
  4. Hubbies CO (Gren Guards) they were told their Afghan tour scheduled for jan next year would be 8 months. Now they are going to Iraq this summer but have been told they may still do 8 months in Afghan next year just starting later what great news :roll:
  5. I was called up as a reservist at the beginning of 05... the whole thing ended up lasting a about 2 weeks short of a year anyway! Surely somethings going to have drastically change otherwise Old Tony won't have anyone left to guard the country (except for the MPGS).

    Retention really is a bad word!!
  6. Or drastically reduced tour lengths to get more people through the system and stop employers getting so arrsey Staaken? Watch this space as they say.

    Does stagging on a gate really require 2 months OPTAG?

    Ironically, was in a beery conversation with some MPGS the other week, who apparently have let their CoC be aware that quite a lot of barrier operatives wouldn't mind doing the same job kebabside.
  7. That's a good point, although I very little time on the barrier and a lot of time escorting an OC about on liason jobs. I do know that a lot of the lads from the TA did suffer with barrier blues, and despite lectures at Chilwell stating that "lessons have been learnt that augmentees should not just do FP" I know a lot of them ended up with barrier blues.

    If a tour did take 8 months (time in theatre and properly just over a year)) then UK employers would probably revolt and stop employing TA and reservists. Also I think there's something in the reserve act about being only employed for a year...