length of contract signing?


I've got my Attestation on the 10th January 2008

I just wondered when you got asked for how long you want to sign for?

somebody told me it was at Attestation when you get asked if the minimum (4 years?), and then 10 or 15

Although i thought to sign for 15 years could be a bit foolish, especially if somehow someway you don't like it.

This is the only time i guess they ask you?

anybody else know different?

When you sign the contract you're in the service of Her Majesty for four years minimum (although I think after the first month of basic you can leave if you have a strong enough reason).

I'm not all that clear on how long you're in after that, I'd like to know myself.
When you go on your documentation check or get sent your copy of your contract (271W) it will have all the relevant information for you on there.
If I remember it rightly. I always prefered to talk it through so the applicant and parents know the full details. I believe things for your colour service might be changing with new terms of service but this is how things were last year.

Under 18
Your initially signing on for 4 years past your 18th birthday (so day before your 21st day) you can give a years notice to leave.

Over 18
The day of your attestation is your date of service so three years after that you can give your years notice to leave.

Your DAOR (right of discharge) is after 4 weeks up till the six month point, it can happen but you wouldnt normally be able to escape until at least the four week point or after the 6 month point.

The introduction of V Eng is changing a lot of things regarding a full 22 years colour service and Im not in the know at the moment, all this info will be on your 271A and 271W (contracts)

Ask your recruiter if he can talk you through your terms of service to clarify a few things if you need to.
Iv just had my paperwork through and the iron has it pretty much spot on. Although it might change dependant on trade.

Anyway mate all the best
Just one more on my previous, if your going for a trade job that has a long training period like Air Tech, you may find out your time barred aswell once you have finished trade training (normally 3 years)

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