Lenders torpedo £12 billion defence training

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr._Average, Jul 5, 2009.

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  1. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/public_sector/article6638748.ece

    For me, the thing that stood out in this report was an almost throw-away comment towards the end of the piece;

    "The memo also reveals a large disparity in the number of “man training days” that Metrix will be able to provide and the number needed by the forces to train engineers and technicians properly. "

    So even if they can raise the money it sounds like the scheme will fall short of requirements.
  2. The comment that disturbs me more is;

    "One officer is to try to persuade Metrix to raise the number of “man training days” to 1.2m a year, while the services are to be told to cut the total they require to 1.5m. "

    So it's the classic that PFI will provide what we require if of course we revise our requirements to fit the contract.

    Outsourcing training of the services fecking great idea.
  3. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

    If further proof is required a judge has ruled that farmers must remove cows from fields if a 'public' foot-path runs through a field.
  4. I always said that this outsourcing of everything is a fcuking outstanding idea....

    I mean, you can do it in house for a set price but someone else can do it for less. Obviously quantity or quality will not suffer.

    Time for old fashioned lynching. Find the morons who came up with this mindless drivel of an idea and torch them in their beds. And their families.
  5. Trouble is, we can't afford to continue training as we do now - so we still have an affordability issue. Cue more troops getting the basics at the 12 training sites, and the field force picking up the rest of the tab...

    Mind you, 6 months in Afghan is pretty good training environment for anyone in the mech/aero/elect trades.

    Bastion Ph3 training academy anyone?
  6. Hi M8...take it your also not in a hurry to get your medals back... :D ..anyway to the matter in hand, can you point a ref. to this judgement...I live rural..its of great interest..
  7. This was always going to be the worst of both worlds. The decision to remove military instructors away from this training establishment is flawed and now they cannot deliver the required training days. So there will still be a deficit to be picked up by the field army. So what we have that now, but at least we are not paying billions (albeit across a number of years) to some civvy company for the privilege. Let's not forget that Metrix exist for 1 sole purpose - to make money for their share holders, so long as they hit the minimum requirement under the contract (that is probably so badly written that my 8 year old son and his class mates could forfill in their lunch time) they don't give a f&*k about the trg.
  8. Trouble is...we can't afford to cut back on training. Otherwise, to be put it bluntly, we might as well pick 10 bods in 100 who come through the door and shot them there and then.
  9. Do you really want a mechanic or technician working on your kit in-theatre who has "only learned the basics"?

    No, you don't because he/she would be a gigantic liability. You need a mechanic/technician who knows their way around the equipment and can fix it, if necessary with help from the Class 1 guys and Artificers, in a reasonable timeframe. And you also need someone who can support you with stagging on the gate and external patrols. In other words, a well-trained REME, R Sigs or RE soldier!

    That takes time and it costs money.

  10. Litotes, you've hit the nail on the head - do you want someone who has only learned the basics? Unfortunately, it does seems that the "distributed training" model being bandied around will rely on field force reinforcement of learning objectives, with some e-learning at different stages. Having been around for the Officer MK E-learning saga introduced after ROCC, I know that whilst E-learning is a proven concept, it relies on troops being released during the working day to learn whilst they should be spannering/tanking/inf-ing. With all the additional pressures on units these days, there is a fundamental weakness in the delivery of distributed training which will require a cultural shift - and I haven't seen any change management teams heading my way yet!

    As for the soldiering bit, yup, soldiers first, tradesmen second - but if we can't do both, we're shafted, and being on ops shouldn't be a rehearsal!