Lend Us a Few Bob til Payday?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Rocketeer, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. So how much are you ARRSEurs in the hole for? How much do you owe Big Jack Harry at the shops in viggerish for outstanding loans to get you through?

    Just read a report that Brits spl;urge 350 million pounds in the first 12 hours after they get paid! and then have to go hungry until the next paycheck because of the lack of cash..

    more than 1 million adults blow 100 quid each while shopping during lunchtime on payday and another 2.5 mil go through the same amount on a apayday night out.

    study shows that most have blown their wad by day 23 in the month and those living in the Northwest of England are skint by day 19...

    bloody hell, folks!.. no ownder so many are hoping they hit the lotery or that Mr. Ngube isn't lying in those nigerian letters...

    still 100 pounds doesn't sound like too much to spend on a right good booze up after
  2. Wife and three daughetrs. Money gone 19 minutes not days
  3. Well I'm about £900 in the red with the bank and I owe £2k+ on my credit card.... I get paid weekly, and last friday didn't even make a dent in it!

    T C
  4. A lifelong addiction to motorised bicycles has left me cheerfully squandering the kids inheritence.
    It`s those gits at Demon Tweeks,
    Everything in their catalogue is just so damn shiny!!!!
  5. why is there always so much month left at the end of the money?
  6. At the tender age of 20something I owe the "soap dodging loans company" £9k.
    I'm only £1k into my £2k overdraft at the moment - lowest for almost 2 years.
    £790 on one credit card.
    £500 on another credit card.
    To put that in context I'm being paid £4k this year for 120 days fulltime work. So almost 3 years wages if I was to stay at same payrate (but won't, 20k next year). In rented accomodation - my credit score must be about zero at the moment!!
    I normally work on being skint by day 17 - I live off the remains of my cupboard foodwise for 2 weeks - and any money that happens to come my way goes on sandwiches at lunch
  7. 0 means good :D
  8. lucky bar-steward you get to see your wages for a whole 19 minutes, i can only dream of that luxury.
  9. Oh SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED has got the timings a lot faster coming up to Christmas.
  10. Expenses planned for the winter period;
    New front discs,may as well go for wavey, £300
    New pads to suit, Double h of course £40-£50
    Rear Shosk overhaul,£100-£150 (cos an Ohlins is around £600 ,would be nice)
    Two new tyres,coz the super Corsa`s are wearing out faster than a fast thing "200-£250
    Thats before the service, and general fettling
    So christmas is cancelled in the Kurgen house, coz my baby neds me
  11. I am getting decent wedge now, but I got a full Scorpion system for my K6 Gixer 750 that cost me. Need new tyres, braided hoses etc etc. And just bought a new Kato rep Shoei X Spirit 200 quid off. Still cost 300quid. Bikes drain your bank, and that is before my expenses for attending the GPs/WSB/BSB.....
  12. I have even had to slow down on my drinking!
    Just so I can get a good price for my kidneys on E-BAY.

    Still, at least I can enjoy it while I`m here, the relatives can sort out the mountain of debt when I`ve gone

    What you mean "Irresponsable!"
  13. EX wives spend it quicker - doesn't even get to the bank for me to spend.

    and you thought 19 mins was quick.........
  14. LOL Class one mate!!
  15. Singlie, in the block, only phone bills (taxi's and once monthly home) and the 50 euro t'internet bill going out!

    Yup, i still have savings, and pocket money to get drunk on.

    Save 50 quid (or 100 euro) per month, and xmas is easy, what is that??? one visit to a whore??? Knock one out!!! or find a 'forces discount, usual bar slapper'

    3 blue wkd's for the price of 1 whore!!! money in the bank.

    before you go out, share a crate between friends, then you are part way there, saving money, plus, the bond between drinking buddies is closer.

    I'm not cheap, usually the first to get a round in, but that does give you the power to abuse the cheaper members amonst the crew.

    As all should be aware, there are ways and means to get through the month.

    But, the best advice, is take a deep breath on millionaires weekend, and think, do i really need that????

    Then again, do you want to take advice from a clerk????