Lend-Lease please!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sapperbraindead, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. Dear President Obama,as we finally paid everything off in 2006,will you please re-activate Lend-Lease (please look up WW2 in your database if unsure).UK PLC seems to be completely bankrupt (in monetary,political,& leadership terms) & we desperately need some CH-47's for the Afghan conflict.I feel sure you have some spare, recent refurbs in your vast military resources you could lease to your allies ,while we wait the 3 years our Government? has quoted as the lead time! :x
  2. The whole point of Afghan is so that Gordon can strut his stuff on the world stage and look important. (They sure as hell aint trying to win it!)

    Going crawling to Obama begging for things isnt part of the plan!
  3. Makes no real difference, as aren't resources (Such as air support) pooled in Afghanistan?
  4. No.
  5. Can't do it…

    Not because the Cousins wouldn't lend us the kit, they would, but because Broon would have to admit he was deliberately under funding UK armed forces and that just won't do.
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    No No No

    60 years to pay it off whilst they bang on about saving our Arrses in Afghanistan
  7. Has anyone noticed that the new kit ordered - CH47, MQ9, C17 - are all built in the US while the stuff binned or delayed is mainly built in the UK?
  8. Ring up Boeing and order a C-17 and you will be handed the keys in 12 months and pay the agreed sticker price, not so much with our own brand stuff…

  9. Dear Sapper,

    Many thanks for your letter regarding Lend-Lease of Chinook helicopters.

    We would be more than happy to lend you a couple of squadrons of Chinooks, if it were not for the people your MoD chooses to put in them.

    I mean, look at the pair of chimps in the photo below. The guy on the right uses more moisturizer than Mrs Obama and our daughters combined. I bet he's got the soundtrack from Top Gun on his iPod too. Just a pity he didn't bag himself a pair of Ray Bans at the Naafi to complete the look.

    And WTF is that on the left? I knew you Brits like to experiment with combat clothing but his flying suit looks like it's made by Marks and Spencer. He almost looks like he's got a semi on after being surrounded by young soldiers but we all know PM Brown isn't gay.

    So I'm afraid my answer has to be no to the choppers. But Texas national guard inform me that they do have body armour big enough to fit your PM and they'll send over a set.

    Best wishes,

    Barack Obama

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  10. I too am enraged, but, not at the Yanks...I am enraged that our industrial base is either shuttered or foreign-owned. For years we have allowed our industries to shrink. We could list many examples, but,...the fact of the matter is, we are buying foreign made gear because our short-sighted politicians have allowed our industries to fade away.

    If we did not buy from the USA, who else could provide combat proven kit. Our lads have loved the Chinook since the Falklands, the C17 is world class and the UAV fleet is, as well.
  11. No.[/quote]
    I understood that we "outsourced" (terrible word) flying hours. Hence various spokespersons re-iterating, constantly, that hours had been increased, but not by increased provision of kit(?)

  12. Unfortunatly the fact is Labour love everything US. I remember driving round heathrow a few years back only to see US built ambulances going to emergencies. We do have our own industries and combined with European industries we could have some great kit for a lot less then the yanks flog it for. Granted the Chinook and C17 are great aircraft for their role, but what is their cost? Is the Merlin cheaper then the Chinook? Would it not be better to have 3 merlins rather then one chinook?
    As you say, if our foolish government was not so short sighted or as dedicated to destroying Britain we could have some great kit. The government needs to get back the type of industry that brought us Harrier etc.

  13. Dear Barack

    The only person looking more of a knob then me,was yourself picking up a Peace Prize in Oslo? :roll:

    Up Yours

    Just call me Dave :wink:
  14. Apparently that was the smallest set of CBA they could find for Gordon - yet even then Terry couldn't get it together to slot him, despite the exposure.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Out comes the fag packet:


    The UK MoD has also entered into a contract with Agusta Westland to produce six new Merlin helicopters for Denmark as a replacement for the six transferred at a cost of £174.7m

    => approx £30m a piece

    The cost of a new CH-47F is $32 million

    => approx £20m a piece

    Unless, of course, you are talking about the MOD:


    The cost of the eight Chinook Mk3 helicopters once they enter service will be in excess of £422 million, or £52.5 million each.