Lemsip Capsules.

I took "Day" instead of "Night".

My whole body is now fucked up, and I am more than likely to be awake for another hour.


It hasn't stopped me abusing the Kleenex Balsam though, or getting the dog to lick the snot off my nose. Big J please give me some cold relief options.
If you're referring to Big Jim Dangley, try his chicken curry recipe. From all accounts you'll be too scared to sneeze or cough.
Slugs - Looked it up and two day Lemsips have the same caffeine as a cup of tea or half a cup of coffee. Should not be too bad. Get well
Hey Sluggo, I am about to dedicate a shag to you as a get well gesture.



Book Reviewer
Snail you are a nit. What have we discussed? When in doubt you must ask what Jesus would do. Whilst I am not Jesus I am his representative here on earth so here is the answer.

Stick tampax up your nose and stop taking drugs! You don't have a cold...you are overflowing semen!
10 mls of Benylin 1/2 pint of lager breakfast of champions, Why has no one offered to rub vics on your chest, I'm not called vic but I'll give it a go......... just to help you out you understand.
Yes but like Aladdin's Lamp you just rub away until something pops up, if she is weak then surprise sex is so much easier.

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