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Discussion in 'DIY' started by MARTOK, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. Can I grow a lemon tree/bush from a pip from a lemon.

    I have started an apple tree from a pip with my grand children this year and it is coming along quite well about 6 ins high so far.

    They want me to plant a lemon pip but not sure if it will grow, any one know if they will.

    Obviously not looking for it to bear fruit just something for the grand kids to see grow from nothing.
  2. I have tried this, it will easily propogate from seed but will probably not bear fruit unless you can provide aditional heat, i.e. greenhouse or conservatory. Mine usually die in the second year at about 3 inches.
    Good luck.
  3. A lemon tree? It's very pretty. And the lemon flower is sweet. But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat.

    Why can't your grandkids be satisfied with cress? At least you can put it in an egg sandwich.
  4. I know people who have grown them from seed to large enough to bear fruit but they are in Florida. You can grow them pretty large in a pot but to get big enough to bear fruit they should be outside and with no disrespect to the UK there is nowhere in the UK where that is likely to work. (Unless you consider the BVI part of the UK, lovely lime trees on Tortola) Most orchards in Florida seem to have fairly sandy soil. Why not try it, fun for the kids and you. (Of course if are a wealthy peer you could construct an Orangery next to your mansion)

    As another fun project you could grow a pineapple. When my son was little we did this and got a small fruit abot 6 inches high. That was 20+ years ago but I found the following information that might help.
    How to Grow a Pineapple Top Indoors

    Good luck!
  5. Thanks for the replies, I think i'll give this a go come summer, if we have one:thumright:
  6. Actually you can grow them in the UK but not usually from pips, as is said above. We have a lemon tree (bush really) in a pot that is now about 4 years old. It has fruited since year 2 and in quite respectable numbers, although the fruit is smaller and less juicy than the stuff you can buy from overseas. We bring it into the conservatory in the winter and is, so, far, doing well. They need a bit of attention as they're prone to fungal disease (looks like soot) and care needs to be taken regarding watering.
  7. No problem at all growing lemon trees from pips. Firstly prepare a very sandy compost (3 parts sand, 1 part compost) - do not use builders sand, use play-pit sand (the salt has been washed out of it). Next make a tiny "nick" in the pip (do not cut into the pip) - it helps it germinate. The pip should be planted about 1 cm deep, lightly water, cover with a polythene kitchen bag, then place the pot in your airing cupboard for three weeks. Once the tiny green tip appears, remove "bag" and place on warm windowsill. Water lightly but frequently and feed with "Citrus Fertilizer" monthly during the summer. Do not re-pot until the roots are through the bottom of the pot.You should get tiny lemons in the third year providing you feed it and keep it warm. Do not put your little tree outside for at least two years, then only between mid-May and early September. It likes full sun.

    Give it a go - we have metre high citrus trees in our conservatory - all producing small amounts of fruit.
  8. Hows about having rows upon rows of them all in pots and in a shed with low hanging lights on all the time !!! just to see how nosey your neighbours are and to give local plod somewhere to raid.
  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I dunn it!

    I grew two from pips out a lemon purchased from asda.

    I put it in damp potting compost in a small pot, then cut the bottom out of a 2ltr pop bottle and put that over the top and then put it in the conservatory. At the last count it was over six feet tall and about 10 years old. Its still indoors and its never fruited but then i have no idea whether they self pollinate or not.
  10. As you only have two plants you need to pollinate it by hand. Buy a small children's paint brush, then touch the brush from the flower of one plant to a flower on the other. That will pollinate the flowers!!

    Hope that helps........
  11. If the disease looks like soot, it could be sooty mould growing on the honeydew from aphids or other sucking insects. Make sure you get rid of any insect pests, and wipe the leaves clean, and you'll be fine.
  12. Sack lemon seeds, try a conker or an acorn. They grow well in pots at first, you can bonzai them, or plant them out. my Horsechestnut tree, planted out when it's roots split the old saucepan I planted it in, is 25 meters high now and the one my dad planted as a kid is mongnormous.
  13. Far be it from me to argue with the great Cernunnos, but I refuse to put a conker in my G&T.
  14. Isnt that having sex with plants ????
  15. Try a pineapple - knock the spiky leaves off a fresh pineapple, eat the pineapple and push the base of the leaves in to the soil - SWMBO has grown a couple like that.