Leisure pursuits of our RAF colleagues (Bootys watchout!)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nurse_ratched, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. From the Scum for your pleasure

  2. Sheesh - you did well to find this one.

    The story hit in early 2003 - I was in Thumrait & took great delight in extracting the proverbial from the engineers I was working with.

    Nice try, but 4 yrs late is too late for banter - breaks the 5 second rule.

  3. That picture does show off your bingo wings rather nicely Mr C.
  4. I'm not an engineer.

    I only wear black for evenings - not some slutty garish outfit like that!
  5. Quite tasteful I thought!
  6. Queen's commission heh? ;)
  7. What personally?? Presumably it was made clear to him that becoming a gentleman was entirely up to him!

    Including those fat rock apes who say "Barrier up!" and "Barrier down" for a living?
  8. She slipped it to him from her handbag and said,
    "Here you go Dearie, I think you'll need one of these where you're going this evening."