Leightweight Combat Jacket or is it a shirt?????

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bibo_boy, Apr 15, 2005.

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  1. For CFT's in the heat I have had an issue Lightweight Jacket (or is it a shirt!!) modified...

    For me anyway, the less clothes I wear on a tab the better :lol:

    So, like many people I wear the shirt... only diiference is mine has been modified with long zips under each armpit, allowing ventilation as required. Also the shirt has a drawstring bottom for keeping the heat in if it does turn chilly...

    I have had several positive comments on the design and was interested in progressing with it?

    Does anyone have any other mods they use and do they think there may be a market? :lol:
  2. For years I have been sewing a little pocket on the front of my smock / shirt to take a silva.

    It is so handy as it means you don't have to go rooting arond to find it.

    SASS put it on their smocks, but have made it a pen pocket.
  3. I have velcro on the trouser seams of all my combat clothing and my SAS smock. That way I can whip it off very quickly to reveal my "I am a Walt Loser" t-shirt. Anyway who are the best paras or marines and can I do press ups in basic without bending my arms?
  4. I think if you market the "I am a Walt Loser" you'll get lot's of sales!!!! :wink:

    As for Airbourne Vs Marines....? Sorry, don't care...

    If it was who has the biggest ego contest.... well that's another question!
  5. Read into above post - sarcasm.
  6. OK :wink:

    I was being serious about the t-shirt!!!!!!
  7. One fine day a few...alright eighteen...years ago, I took pity on my platoon and gave them permission to move to shirtsleeve order. This was in the days of the hairy mary shirt so I wasn't being that soft.

    To my surprise, one of my corporals started to protest that the RSM hadn't authorised a dress change. We were miles away from the headshed and not likely to be seen so I couldn't understand why he, of all people, refused to change.

    Turns out he was only wearing about 5% of his hairy mary -- namely the collar and cuffs sewn to his combat jacket -- in what he called his light sweating order.

  8. I bet the permission for Shirt Sleeve order ensured that he broke out in a little more than a light sweat :oops:
  9. Jeezus H! If anyone turned up for a CFT like that I'd ridicule them all the way back to the block until they changed into uniform (ie clothing that is the SAME).

    And how fcuking hot does it get on your CFTs? Try running aroung the streets of Basrah in body armour. Where would you put your blooody zips then?
  10. [quote="Interceptor"

    And how fcuking hot does it get on your CFTs? Try running aroung the streets of Basrah in body armour. Where would you put your blooody zips then?[/quote]

    Arktis sell millions of smocks with similar features....?

    Its a matter of choice... And these are issue, people have been modding kit for years... :)

    Works for me!
  11. Millions? Are you quite sure?
  12. Figure of speech......

    Do you agree Akrtis are a reasonably large and respected company? i.e. compared to Webtex. I take it they do alot of market research and have decided that certain features are useful?

    If we all used issue kit companies such as these and SASS wouldn't exist?

    All I know is I done around 20 miles boot run today and I'm doing the same tabbing tomorrow and it works for me :lol:
  13. You never sowed collar and cuffs into a JHW?
  14. I don't know about collar & cuffs sewed in to a pully, but I knew a bloke who used to Fabsil his jumper - and it worked better than a waterproof smock! In the days of DMS boots & puttees, I machined velcro to my halfed puttees, rather than have that winding tape flapping about. That was until I found a cobbler in Carterton who used to machine-stitch leather 'tops' to DMS boots - thus adding a further four holes. Then some cnut decided that winding strips of cloth around the ankles was a tad... Victorian, and (finally) introduced Hi-Legs. Pissed on the cobbler's little party, that did. Ah... mammaries.

  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Yes, but when watered I found they grew into a complete shirt.