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Just nicked this from the Leistershire Police Website. What a great gesture. I am certain that the lads and lasses from 150 and the SIB will be very appreciative.

Leicestershire Constabulary
Providing a second to none police service
Wednesday 22nd November 2006

Shoeboxes sent off to Royal Military Police officers serving abroad
Mr David Lindley (back left) is pictured with some members of the Leicestershire Constabulary Blue Knights Chapter and Coalville Air Cadet Squadron pilot officer Rebekah Harrson
Shoeboxes filled with essentials and goodies are being sent to the Royal Military Police officers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan to bring them some Christmas cheer this coming festive season.

The initiative has been organised by the Leicestershire chapter of Blue Knights Motorcycle Club and police officers and staff have been donating items to fill the shoeboxes.

Over 200 boxes have been filled to be sent out to the officers. The boxes have been filled with toiletry items like toothpaste and soap as well as puzzle books, pens, crisps and sweets.

PC Alan Morris of the Blue Knights, said: "As a former soldier in the Royal Artillery I feel it is important that we show our support to those currently serving abroad which is why the Blue Knights decided to organise the shoebox of Christmas gifts for the military police. We want them to know our thoughts are with them this coming festive season and to bring them a little bit of Christmas cheer whilst they are serving their country.

"Staff and officers have also signed Christmas cards and included them in the packages."

David Lindley, Deputy Chief Constable at Leicestershire Constabulary, said: "This is a marvellous initiative by Leicestershire Constabulary Blue Knights and I am delighted that colleagues and local businesses have rallied round to provide parcels for the members of the Royal Military Police serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Like many others, they will be away from families and loved ones over Christmas and we hope that these parcels will remind them that they are in our thoughts at this time."

The boxes are to be picked up at Force Headquarters by Royal Mail on Wednesday November 22.

Blue Knights is an International Motorcycle Club for serving police officers and for persons with a power of arrest and an arm was formed at Leicestershire Constabulary in October 2005.

If someone from Upavon is reading, can you make sure that Mr McKay is aware.
Rumour had it that in GW1 the SIB mail had difficulty in getting past Section HQ which was, I believe, somewhere way back and air conditioned, so the guys supporting the troops in the field were less than impressed. I do hope things have improved since then

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