Leicestershire Police: another triumph

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Aug 16, 2013.

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  1. Ah, the majesty of the law.

    "Two men were dragged to court for apprehending a Romanian they caught burgling their business.

    A nine-month ordeal ended for Steven Iliffe, 54, and son Daniel, 26, yesterday when a judge threw out the case against them.

    They had begged police to go on a roof to arrest career criminal Petre Ilie.

    But officers were barred by their superiors, via their radio, due to health and safety rules.

    Eventually, the father and son, both former soldiers, went on the roof themselves to tackle the armed man.

    They were stunned when the police later arrested them on suspicion of attempted murder – and later charged them with the lesser offence of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

    Nine-month ordeal of men taken to court after catching migrant burglar on their roof as police waited on the ground | Mail Online
  2. Priceless ...
  3. I hope they do decide to take legal action.
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  4. They should burgle the copper that arrested them. What a twat.

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  5. Once again our useless police "service" is showing its true colours i.e. as a service to help villains. All their bleating about "policing can only be done by consent" , yes, but not the consent of the scrotes, it must be with the consent of the tax paying public who pay their wages. The Police force was originally formed to protect life & property & to preventf crime, not as a "service" to pander to all the usual handwringers crappy pc buzz words. The Police "service" once again is showing how ludicrously inept it has become in doing the job it was originally formed for and is rapidly losing the support of the people it should be there to protect by actions like this. My former step father (ex Det/Sgt S. Wales Police) & my former father in law (ex C/Insp. W. Yorks. police) must be spinning in their graves at this nonsense. No wonder several other current Policemen I know and many of their colleagues are looking to leave the "service" because of this sort of stupidity!
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  6. A Daily Heil story involving criminal immigrants, the police being useless and Health and Safety gawn maaaad all in one nice, easy to outrage package?

    Sweepstake for when it comes out that it's all bollocks and they were arrested for giving the criminal a highly illegal kicking or something similar which the terminally thick Mail readership won't get quite so outraged about?

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  7. Will they put "Howwible Daily Mail headlines" as a reason for leaving on their resignation letters?
  8. I was just thinking that - it's pretty much Daily Mail bingo right there.

    Strange how it doesn't appear in any reputable news source. Sure the Sun will be carrying the story pretty soon...
  9. I thought they all just copied each other and the original story was made up by some bloke called Brian in his sh*d in darkest Essex?
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  10. So how come the Courts threw the case out if they gave him an illegal kicking or something similar? Or are the Courts racist too?
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  11. The courts convict every single person who ever gives someone else a kicking now do they?

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  12. More's the point has it affected house prices in the area?
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  13. That's not what I said. If they gave him an illegal kicking then it's illegal. But the Judge threw the case out. Maybe he is a Daily Mail reader as well. Or you made a statement that wouldn't hold up to scrutiny. You do realise that that sort of logic is what you would classify as a Daily Mail readers logic.
  14. The poor victim of this ferocious assault could have avoided it by staying out of the ******* country after being deported the first time. No sympathy.
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  15. Errr is that not one of the main points of the story?

    "The Iliffes’ trial had been for the judge to consider a defence application to throw the case out as an ‘abuse of the court process’.

    The application hinged on a decision by the UK Border Agency to refuse permission for Ilie to be returned to the UK to give evidence because he was a ‘flight risk’ – having been deported twice – and might disappear in the UK.

    The Iliffes claimed they could not have a fair trial if Ilie could not be cross-examined.

    The judge agreed and granted the application"