Legss custard chucker

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. Right, I want to see Legs shrivelling paste gun...... Am I on my own?

    Its been teasing us with pictures in long frocks and granny shoes but I want an erotic shot of him in lingerie trying to pull its ladyscrotum over its head and caking his ladybulb in cheap whorey lipstick

    Come on you slag, get your shaft out
  2. Be careful what you wish for - think Lilly Savage with glasses
  3. I don't care it looks like a Stockport binman, I want to see its c0ck!

    Even better if it thraps over its own norks and posts them piccies too
  4. whats wrong with that??
  5. I was thinking more Jack Duckworth with tits.
  6. Legs, if you've taken too many lady tablets, don't worry it doesn't have to be a stiffy shot.

    If its on the limp I have an equation I can use to calculate girth and meatage
  7. You have those type of thoughts often?
  8. F*cking scary isn't it?
  9. How long will it be before the rent a rant mob fill this thread with shocked and appalled type posts?
  10. I'll shut up and hole the thread if he / she shows us its babe-bulb
  11. Just as soon as they've got around to grieving after Ivanhoe on the other thread.
  12. F'king hell Sparky, what the c*nting hell were you thinking putting that up without a lable. Now the whip cracker thinks I want her to have a nip-tuck on her lady bits.
    And don't tell me that NSFW is enough. Thats like telling a kid not to press the red button.

    And can someone tell me who Legs is? I wanna see; I'm curious. NOT BI-CURIOUS JUST TO BE CLEAR!!!!