Legs really aching when running???

Hi there. I need some help from anyone in the know. I recently (about 7 weeks ago) had a keyhole knee op which resulted in me having a chunk of broken cartiliage removed from my right knee. Since I have started running again I can't get my rythm back due severe burning in the back of my calfs and the front of my thighs.
I've not been running since I was told I needed the surgery which was about 12 weeks before the surgery. After getting the nod from my doc I started training again 2 weeks after the surgery. I know that I won't be able to run marathons straight away but I'm noticing improvements in my lung capacity and short term speed and strength but I just cant seem to do normal road running. I find this strange as I can tab without too much grief. I have good trainers which are right for my style of running and allways stretch before running.
Before I stopped training I was doing 6 miles in under 38 minutes and completed the TA P-Coy 10 miler in 1hr 53 min so I considered my fitness to be quite good.
Can anyone shed any light on this. Is it just a case of soldiering on and it will go away or is there something else I can do? I have been told that if something starts to hurt then stop but I'd be stopping every 5 minutes if that was the case. One thing I did consider is that before the op I weighed in at 75kg and now I weight 80kg. Not gotten fatter just been doing weights a lot.
Any help apprieciated guys.
would recommend doing exercise in water first, swimming or a running style technique, this gives low or no impact on your joints, thus allowing you to iron out (or find) any imperfections
Following an op a couple of years ago I returned to fitness by cycling,less impact on the knees,good cardio exercise and you don't have to go too far to get a sweat up.

As a result I'm back to doing 10k in sub 48 minutes when running and alternate with the cycling to build different muscle groups.

Edited to add that I've probably got a few years on you,so don't give up.
No physio was required apparently. It was the osteopathic consultant who gave me the nod. I'm still not convinced a proper job was done but then I'm no surgeon.
I suffer exactly the same thing and have for over a year i will be on my second RRU course in october, i have medial tibial stress syndrome (that makes my shins hurt.) and compartments syndrome (which makes my calves hurt) Yor GP should have referred you to your nearest RRU after your knee op to help you get a structured monitored return to fitness, my nearest is catterick but they are all over the country, I find it very poor that you havent already been referred as it is just your sort of case that gets the most benefit from the course. Fcuking GPs I'm getting pretty sick of them giving shoddy patient management, if you need more info and details PM me and i will sort it out.
johnboyzzz said:
Seek advice from a physio. After running, try ice baths works wonders for an oldie like me.
dont try ice baths, if its your calves that are aching its muscular, muscles unless torn dont like ice.