Legs crossed boys...

He's only got one ball, does that make him hitler ?
Sorry for being such a girl but - EEEEEW :\\
Got to smell mine as well as look when i got them chopped, that loveley smell of burning fleshh will stay with me for ever :twisted:
Small point of amusement was, as a younger DH in Germany many years ago, seeing an old German guy asleep at the Freibad in a particularly hot summer (1990). The bloke was an old wino and had fallen asleep fully clothed near where a load of us were lay bronzing and fucking about.

The funniest thing is that he had a hole in his trousers and that his knackers, nothing else, were hanging out. We deliberately didn't wake him, as it was much funnier to imagine how much pain he would be in, after sleeping his hangover off, with sunburnt nads.

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