Legs amputated, brain injury - and a cheque for £152,000

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trackpen, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. This makes me spit blood. Compare and contrast THIS CASE with the compensation paid to that crab secretary with RSI.
    I appreciate the comment that he 'would also qualify for lifetime 'guaranteed income' amounting to about 90 per cent of his salary, or nearly £20,000 annually', but surely this will not cover everything he and his parents are going through, and will have to go through.
    That secretary can re-role, pull down a reasonably good salary and still enjoy life. This family, like too many others, is facing severe difficulties for the rest of their days.
  2. Observer leader here. It looks like some people are finally starting to take notice.
  3. welcome to britain. the powers that be don't care for little tommy, they only care for disgusting civvies.

    scum, the lot of them.
  4. You've beaten me to it, I've just arrived at my desk with my observer under my arm to alert everyone to it. Made my blood boil how he was treated. As the Observer points out they've used his story not because its an isolated case but as a specific example of how numerous other people have been shamefully treated by the MOD.

    Fair play to the Observer, you dont normally expect an article from them that totally and unequivocally supports our armed forces but today they've done a fantastic job with the that one and the one about 1st Royal Anglian which I'm going to start a thread about in a second.


  5. The money, I can tell you is not the issue you need to discuss.
    My cheque arrived one day , I looked at it for a while and then banked it . what could have been better that that ?
    It needs some one to come along and say "I'm here to help,call me any time , what do you need doing ,I can advise you, I can put you in contact with ...." thats what, a lot of help I have had cost very little or nothing at all, just knowing where to turn , who to ask.


  6. Nail on head, WW.

    Time and again the MOD fails to recognise the need for proper support, abrogating their responsibility to charities. Whilst they mostly do a good job, it is with scarce resources, and should be centrally organised and funded.
  7. WW

    Thanks for that mate...... I sell policies, and alot of the time I try to get my clients the most returns for the smallest investment / monthly outlay...

    Your post has made me think about something other than the financial aspects of a claim.....

    Perhaps its worth someone talking to the cover providers, in order they provide something other than monetry security?
  8. :evil: My father lost an eye in WW1 got 26 shillings per week, nothing changes for brave serviceman, Politicians keep robbing the country by awarding themselves bigger allowances salaries and perks. Scumbags all of them. :x :x :x Daily Express has an article on Prescot waste of money on lavish spending on, good times and no job, still gets so they say 165,000 pound per year now and no job :x prime example.
  9. Thats a good point - they would probably be up for it, in cold terms because it would be a very good long term reputation builder, very marketable.
  11. I might be being really thick here, but is there a specific charity to help disabled ex-servicemen? I know there's Combat Stress for those with PTSD, and the RBL do a lot - but do they have a specific branch for helping and advising in this field?
  12. It is 'Uman Roites innit'.

    Bliar and his dreadful successor have ruined this country.
  13. Sickening. And they wonder why people aren't joining up these days. The money should come out of the pension pot of the corrupt bastards that sent him there, especially when you think that they are all claiming a million each in expenses every year.
  14. Not bad considering I read that it cost approx £10000 per day to keep the scubag who tried to blow up Glasgow airport alive for 30 days. Bit of a difference there.
    They will spend the money if you are an enemy of the state.....
  15. Is there no-one with a brain or a shred of common decency anywhere in the CoC or Government?

    Once again I am outraged at the way service personnel and expersonnel are treated.

    It is a NATIONAL disgrace.