Legs ache

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Paratus44, May 13, 2007.

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  1. is it normal after 2 weeks of training for my legs to still ache when i run
  2. How far you running?

    What footwear you running in?

    You carrying weight?

    You taking any rest-days?
  3. i got good trainers, am running 5k a day and botom my legs well ache have only been runnin afe weeks i have acouple rest days a week
  4. Have a couple of weeks off mucker. Shin splints maybe?
  5. afew weeks? will i loose all my fitness if i do that?
  6. No dig intended but are you overweight? Also as said above might be shin splints.
  7. Only if you spend the time in KFC, Burger King, the Pub and on 60 tabs a day.

    You could always ask a medical professional instead mate - they tend to have experience in medical matters :wink:
  8. medicaly im not over weight im 6ft and 79kg but i do have abit of a gut im trying to get rid of lol
  9. If you dont want to knacker yourself Id take this advice. You can still go swimming, cycling etc but you need to ease down on running or face the consequences. Could also cut the distance down and just jog on grass to warm up down after a cycle
  10. is swimmin, cycling gona help get my 1.5 mile time down?
  11. Possibly.

    I get the impression that you have possibly left things a little late in your Phyz? that 3 weeks off will be devastating? What's the panic?


    What you are being told is to carry on the CV work, carry on the fat-burning but reduce the impact on your legs - for now.

    If you don't follow the advice then the 3 weeks off through choice could end up as 3 months on the orders of the doc.

    Your call mucker.
  12. ok thanks
  13. Another idea is to get a small round trampoline like the one used in aerobics and run on that which will have less impact. Swimming lenghts and cycling will keep your stamina up. As previously said its harder to come back after an injury so prevention is best.
  14. Nothing will help your 1.5 mile time like running, but anything that gives you a good cardio workout (i.e. gets your heart & lungs working hard) will be some help. Also, you will run faster if you lose your gut (no offence - you mentioned it), & swimming & cycling & circuits, and many other types of exercise, can help in this.

    What time can you do now? What time are you hoping for?

    Good luck.
  15. 12 mins at moment want it under 10.30